61 thoughts on “10 DC Graphic Novels You Must Read Before You Die”

    1. Marvel has the better movies, by a massive margin. Other than that DC has better animated shows, characters (imo), and strike a better balance between goofy and mature

    1. Young Punk Troll I was disappointed by reading it tbh it is rlly good but still the arts better than the rest of the book.

  1. I think Batman The Killing Joke should have been on this list. I don’t care if anyone agrees, that’s just my opinion

    1. I was actually glad they left it off. The Joker backstory is good (though also not a definitive one, even Joker himself later isn’t sure how much of it he made up or happened to someone else) but the actual comic is okay at best compared to the ones on this list, it’s up there on the same scale as the Dennis O’Neill Batman stories ofc (but note they aren’t here either), but it’s not to the level of the rest, and even Alan Moore dislikes it himself. Alan Moore has written a LOT of much better stuff, like his amazing run on Supreme, aka the best Superman story never written (much like his Miracleman run is basically the best Captain Marvel/Shazam story never written), or even the Voodoo limited series.

    1. Thing with Infinite Crisis is that it’s kinda too weird for most people to get, Morrison’s All-Star Superman or even his Arkham Asylum book (which ALSO should be here) is very approachable in comparison despite dealing with deep stuff, but Infinite Crisis and Multiversity is just plain weird in comparison. Brilliant once you take the time to deep dive and look at not just the larger story but the story behind the story also and how everything connects, but it takes more effort.

    2. Kingdom Come should be here, somewhere in the #5-3 list (I’d rank it above ASSM). But I kinda think several of the first five on this is more to draw attention to stuff, Kingdom Come and Arkham Asylum are both better than both the Static and Question books and most of the GL/GA stuff, but it kinda worked to draw the attention of folks to those books where other candidates like those two or even something like Morrison’s Animal Man or Doom Patrol are pretty easy to find on walking into any self-respecting comic store. I tend to only really take last few places seriously in these lists in general for that reason.

  2. I totally get that lists like these are super subjective, but I really think Kingdom Come might have been over looked for this one. Very surprised it wasn’t number two. Needless to say, but I highly recommend it if there is anyone that is reading this that by chance hasn’t already read Kingdom Come.

    1. Ak Wilson Can’t say I’ve seen an entire episode of Once Upon a Time but from the promotional stuff, it looked cheap. To be done properly it would need an HBO sized budget and scenes from the comic would still need to be altered or cut completely. I’ve lost a bit of faith in HBO since the last 3 seasons of GoT. The great thing about Scalped is the whole thing can be adapted faithfully on a moderate budget. Could be a great show.

    2. Well, I just wish it could have happen. Because Once upon a Time is just mediocre at best, and because of that show Fables is no more unique, if they make a show now they will properly say it’s riff off.

    3. The Original Books of Magic 4 issue Mini Series and the first 50 issues are fantastic, the later 25 issues were weaker, as was the Names of Magic, Hunter the Age of magic was variable throughout it’s run.

      The Books of Magik mind you was so bad, I abandoned it after the first couple of issues…….

      Lucifer started strong, but after the first few arcs I lost interest.

      Overall most of Vertigo’s Shared universe stories (Sandman, Hellblazer, Books of Magic, Books of Farie, Lucifer etc) were solid works, they deserve their own list IMHO

    4. Vertigo’s impact on comics cannot be understated. Throw a rock at the top Vertigo titles, and you’ll probably hit one of the best comics ever made.

    1. Sure to the others, can’t comment on Injustice, but Under the Red Hood? Eh, it’s okay at best (and the “It would be too easy” monologue is brilliant, only beaten by a similar comment from Superman in Morrison’s Justice League), but I’d rank Long Halloween, Hush, Arkham Asylum and even some of the recent stuff like the Court of Owls story that was Scott Snyder’s start on it over it any day, and that’s just the Batman stuff, let alone comics like JLA Tower of Babel or Rock of Ages, hell most of Grant Morrison and Mark Waid’s JLA run in the 90s and early 00s and Geoff Johns JSA run for that matter, or all of Morrison’s Doom Patrol or Animal Man, or the numerous other Vertigo stories like Scalped or Y the Last Man or Fables, or to go with Red Son other Elseworlds tales like The Nail, hell freaking Planetary is technically DC now with the folding in of the WildStorm universe.

      However unlike most of those, the first five on the list for the most part are lesser known comics that probably a lot didn’t know about, and unlike the various other alternatives wouldn’t be extremely easy to just stumble over in any self-respecting comic shop. For that reason I tend to ignore the first half of most of these lists as “information agenda” rather than facts, with only the last half really counting.

    2. Mark Waid’s run of Flash was better than his JLA work in my opinion, Animal Man is another underrated character who is now once again stuck in Vixen’s shadow.

  3. Oh, thank god, you correctly pronounced it Constantine, not teen.
    “It’s Tine, rhymes with ‘fine.’

    1. *WOW*doge meme I know he’s British, and it was in The Laughing Magician. What annoys me is when they mispronounce it ‘teen’ in the movie & TV show.

    2. I don’t give a damn what the British pronunciation is. I vehemently refuse to say ‘Tyne’ over ‘Teen’. To “Hell” with that.

  4. Comic books collected in hard/paperbacks and graphic novels are different things. Most of these are collections not graphic novels.

    1. It was conceived and executed as 12 part story. Green Arrow Green Lantern was an ongoing series that had many creators before and after that run.

  5. FYI Rorschach is the Question! DC didn’t “hold out” on anything in the 80’s when the buyout happened DC asked Moore to come up with a story idea what he gave them was the the original draft of Watchmen. The problem was DC just acquired these characters and the story left most of the unusable so some alterations were made. Blue Beetle became Night Owl, Captain Atom became Dr Manhattan and The Question became Rorschach.

    1. Agreed, but compared to what was mentioned in this video, I’m not surprised that it didn’t show up on here. I’d still recommend though, as well as _Luthor,_ which was written and penned by the same people.

    2. Sithkiller411 Oh, that’s a good book. Not like…a milestone or something, but a good book indeed. It’s a gritty sort of Joker that makes Ledger’s interpretation seem like Cesar Romero’s. Just this dirty, booze swilling, drug snorting madman who just hates EVERYTHING…especially apologies.

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