74 thoughts on “10 Marvel Graphic Novels You Must Read Before You Die”

    1. Old man Logan isn’t a great comic in my opinion, but Logan is a great adaption to a naff graphic novel

  1. 10:Punisher Max:In the Beginning
    9:Captain America:The Winter Solider
    8:A.K.A Jessica Jones:Alias
    7:X-Men:Dark Pheonix Saga
    6:Black Panther:The Client
    4.Spider-Man:The Death of Jean DeWolf
    3:Iron Man:Demon in a Bottle
    2:The Infinity Gauntlet
    1:Daredevil:Born Again

    1. If Tarantino did any Punished book it should be the one outside canon with Bullseye, one of THE coolest marvel villains. I wish I could remember the title. Lemme look it up. It was chock fills surprises

    2. Punished vs Bullseye, i guess. The mind are ate war with each other and Frank and I believe it was Kingpin, another of my favorite villains, that put out a half million dollar hit on Frank…..spoilers…………………………………………………………..__________________Franks wastes Bullseye! It was awesome. I believe that’s the book but the one in thinking I believed to be a standalone

    1. minefreak 555 Oooo, that’s a good one. A being of such great power, brought low by such a human condition (despite being Kree, but let’s not split hairs).

    1. @Sapan Parekh
      The reason they weren’t on the list is because this list doesn’t include ANY actual graphic novels; what it is referring to as “graphic novels” are actually just trade paperbacks, collected editions of previously published issues of regular monthly comic books. Some people incorrectly refer to all comic books as “graphic novels” because they seem to think that just calling them what they are, comic books, isn’t “sophisticated” enough for them, and because they don’t bother to learn that “graphic novel” is an actual established term for large, single issue, self-contained sequential art stories, often about heavier topics, as opposed to the ongoing monthly magazines that are regular comic books. Both DC and Marvel have established graphic novel lines; Marvel’s were even called “Marvel Graphic Novels.” Marvel Graphic Novel #1 was The Death of Captain Marvel, which dealt with Captain Marvel dieing of cancer, the attempt and failure of scientific genius superheroes such as Reed Richard’s to cure cancer, Cap’s death and funeral, and finally the fallout of his death and its effects on the superhero community and his archenemy Thanos.

      Marvel Graphic Novel #5: God Loves, Man Kills, was about a fanatical right wing religious group that targeted mutants for persecution as “abominations before God”, assassinated mutant children, and delved into the twisted mind of the celebrity preacher Reverend William Stryker who lead them, until he tried to murder Kitty Pryde on nation television but was shot by a New York policeman who was there for security.

      *Those* are graphic novels. The only things on this list are trade paperbacks, which are most definitely not the same thing.

      People who refer to all comic books as “graphic novels” are just being pretentious because they think calling them comic books is childish and they want to use a more “serious” term. It’s really annoying.

  2. This channel is about comics isn’t it? So why is literally everything about marvel and DC. Give image some love

    1. AMERICA’S BEST has genius titles. It’s Alan Moore how can one go wrong. The o e about the mystical heroine was one of my all time fave books

  3. Marvel’s “Countdown to Dark” is their best graphic novel period. I have yet to read a story from them better than that and it’s a Moon Knight comic nonetheless.

    1. +Biggie Cheese Doug Moench wrote it, the graphic novel came out in 2010 and is worth $80 to $100 since it is very rare, the story itself was written back in 1979, and Doug Moench won an award for best story from it.
      Also because of “Countdown to Dark”, a lot of comic book writes/artists hail the duo (Doug Moench writer/Bill Sienkivics Illustrator) as THE PRIME EXAMPLE of how a comic should be written and drawn. The best match up in the history of comics.

      By the way, there is no easy way of collecting for this story. If you want the individual issues they are worth about $50 a piece.

    2. RamsTheNameCom is it collected in any Moon Knight epic collections? I’ve really wanted to get more into Moon Knight

    3. +Biggie Cheese Nope, Epic Collections anthology completely skips over “Countdown to Dark”.
      Since “Countdown to Dark” was printed in the back pages of Hulk Magazine.
      You know Lupis the Werewolf who cameos in that Jeff Lemire Moon Knight story? He’s from “Countdown to Dark”.
      You know the story of Marc Spector killing his brother with a grenade which was mentioned in the Max Bemis comics? Well that happened in “Countdown to Dark”.

      If you haven’t read any of the new Moon Knight comics then good, they all suck and wrote Moon Knight completely wrong.
      Moon Knight is not suppose to be insane nor have multiple personality disorder.

    4. RamsTheNameCom
      The only thing I really read on Moon Knight is the Warren Ellis Run, And whenever he showed up on Ultimate Spider Man?

      What comics do you recommend and what is Moon Knight supposed to be If not insane?

    5. +Biggie Cheese Moon Knight is suppose to be a mercenary seeking redemption for his past mistakes. He is a man in hiding. Marc Spector is wanted by the CIA for leaking top secret information to the public. He is also wanted by various terrorist groups.

      Marc Spector can no longer be seen out in public as himself. He created his Steven Grant disguise so he can still use his fortune from his mercenary days and to maintain his art gallery business “Spector Corp”.
      The Jake Lockely disguise was created so he can go out and public and talk with regular civilians in New York.

      Khonshu is Moon Knight’s adopted religion. He saw the Khonshu worshipers dying at the hands of Bushman (Moon Knight’s main villain) and adopted Khonshu’s cloak after reawakening from a close death encounter.
      The Statue of Khonshu pretty much became his mascot and he obtained Moon based powers from owning this Statue in his art galley (so because he lives with the statue, he has powers).

      I recommend reading “Countdown to Dark” first. It’s the best way to get into classic Moon Knight comics. Either that, or just get any issue of Moon Knight written by Doug Moench.
      Avoid Moon Knight team up comics, they suck.
      Doug Moench feels Moon Knight is separate from the Marvel Universe and crossing him over with someone as campy as Spiderman is disrespectful to him.

      Though Doug Moench was forced to write a handful of Moon Knight crossover comics (they suck, he didn’t even try and I don’t blame him) such as with Daredevil, Brother Voodoo, and The Thing.

  4. Silver Surfer: Requiem is another must read. I didn’t really care for Silver Surfer until I read that book.

    1. That’s a good one. I love the continuation of the Infinity Gauntlet from years and years later. Several intertwining stories Annihilation is one. It’s known as the cosmic marvel series and its my all time gave aside from maaaaaybe Annie’s Pun MAX work

  5. Number 10 got me thinking…. WHY DA FUK!!! DID TARANTINO NOT MAKE A PUNISHER MOVIE, excuse me I mean why Mr. Tarantino I would like to know??

    1. *Cough*Deadpool*Cough*Logan*Cough*Deadpool 2*Cough* Hollywood would be on board with an R rated Punisher movie by Tarantino. The money prints itself.

  6. If doing just collected stories then where’s Kravens last Hunt.Also the 80s Squadron supreme 12 part mini.Did realistic superheroes before Watchmen.

  7. None of these were Marvel Graphic Novels. The Marvel Graphic Novel line were titles like The Death of Captain Marvel, God Loves, Man Kills, Doctor Doom & Doctor Strange: Triumph & Torment (one of the best things ever) and The New Mutants (the graphic novel that began the series.) Everything listed here was just collections of the monthly comics.

    1. And yet, Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, Sandman, etc. are just collections of monthly comics. Graphic Novels don’t exist at all, the name Graphic Novel is just comercial propaganda that tries to make comics to sound more “sophisticated”, you are reading comicbooks, be proud of it. This list is a good excuse to recommend good comicbooks.

    2. Yes they are all graphic novels. Just because it was not released as part of marvels graphic novel line does not mean they are not graphic novels. By all definitions, they are graphic novels. Stop being snobby and just enjoy the list and people talking about comics.

    3. Tanner Heslet just because your mom keeps on feeding you bullshit to make you happy, these are NOT graphic novels

    4. Kardboard Kenny Yes they are. 😂 By definition they are graphic novels. A TPB is a graphic novel by definition. Stop being stupid.

  8. Your definition of “Graphic Novel” is different from mine, and half of these don’t fit the description.

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