8 Superheroes That Are Openly Gay

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Back in the Golden era of comics, no one possibly hesitated about a personality's sexuality. However times modification, as well as audiences wish to discover even more ways to relate to the tales they take in. Viewers would like to know that superheroes don't differentiate, and designers have reacted throughout the years. Below are a couple of superheroes who aren't afraid to be themselves …


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87 thoughts on “8 Superheroes That Are Openly Gay”

    1. R3fug33 Yes he is. He even has a free pass list and is allowed to sleep with Spiderman(at the Time that happend Deadpool was married).

    2. KittyPlayz1 But Marvel said, the X-Men(including Deadpool) won‘t appear in the MCU in the next 5 Years. And after these 5 Years have passed, Deadpool can at least try.

  1. I think Deadpool would have a harder time identifying himself as a superhero than gay.

    1. Bassman Dan

      The bests comment award goes to you 🏆

      Edit:and apparently the worst grammar award goes to me 🏅

    1. it was written as an analogy for discriminated groups around the world in the 60’s, (particularly the gay community) , so it no surprise that they would be less covert about it now in days. Since people now in days don’t understand the concept of symbolism and need to be point blank told.

  2. I think the right word for deadpool’s sexuality is omnisexual. Which basically means he doesn’t care what gender the person is as long as their the hottest person in the room

    1. AlphaTengua VENTz
      He’s omnisexual because it’s all about sex with him. Whereas pansexual it isn’t all about sex

    1. simplysouthside serpent that’s subjective, Mcu spider-man is nowhere the best when comic book spider-man, ps4 spider-man, Raimi spider-man, Ultimate spider-man and Spectacular Spider-Man exist.

  3. Hearing that the actor for Deadpool knows what pansexuality is and understands/accepts it aaaaaahhhhhHHHHHHH
    It definitely makes me feel a LOT less crazy

  4. 1. Iceman
    2. North Star
    3. Bat women (not batgirl)
    4. Rictor
    5. Graymalkin
    6. Anole
    7. Angelia
    8. Dead pool
    Just saved you 10 mins

    1. kourtney scruggs that’s incorrect I’m gay and even I know the only reason pansexual was even made was for people who don’t want to label themselves as bisexual but still want to feel special, Bisexual simply means the attraction to both sexes regardless of preference ratio to each sex, pansexual is something created to include gender into sexuality which makes 0 sense because people always try and say that those 2 things are separate so in regards to sexual preference gender has no place BUT the more logical and sensible conclusion being gender and sex are synonymous but there exist only 2 sexes (despite variations of intersex people whom of which near always present phenotypical traits of one sex more than the other despite their genotypes), also sex is determined and defined by your genotypes and their corresponding primary phenotypical, physical expressions

      Also transgenderism are people with gender dysphoria so they get surgeries and dress up as the opposite gender but aren’t genuinely a different gender from what they were born as so we don’t need to create another sexuality to accommodate being attracted to their gender cause there gender is unchanged despite their appearance

    2. @Sterling Lacaden Jesus christ man you writ down the whole bloody Oxford definition, I think that’s the biggest YouTube comment thread lecture I’ve ever seen

      You still mad? Here have a cookie 🍪

  5. D E A D P O O L I S P A N. Stop erasing pan and bi characters by equating them to gay or straight. There are basically no pan characters anywhere don’t take away from me what few I have.

    1. what is collusus? he never seemed interested in anyone, even his own teammate he seemed to show little “affection” for yet dp he is all over. I think he is obsessed and in love? of some sort but does not know it. I feel when he glares and seems to deny dp, its not cuz of the gay, but cuz he’s a serious type and is constantly worried about “the job/mission”. basically “dp…e-e this isn’t time for that./”

  6. Doesn’t really surprise me that half these characters are mutants, the whole mutant culture (coming out, denying it, hiding it, being outcasted or accepted depending on a person’s political views) is pretty parallel to being LGBT

    1. SomehowStillSane Yeah the fact that half these characters are mutants further agrees with the fact that Mutant have always been a metaphor for civil rights even past the 70s.

    2. @SomehowStillSane – It is not just the reactionary right-wing political views of a homophobe, but also RELIGIOUS views as well. After all, about some religions have been known to condemn the lives of LGBTQ people, too.

    1. Omg that would be amazing. He used to say he wanted Spider-Man to have a boyfriend and that’s why Marvel fired him. But Marvel isn’t recasting Deadpool for the MCU. In fact, he’s the only Fox character that isn’t being recast.

    2. @Kyle Englot I don’t think that would be ok. considering the age gap, but if it were like their crossover comic where they are both young adults then I would definitely love it.

    1. Deadpool is a fagotron. 

      That degenerate and psychopathic character is on “Joker” realm with more issues than National Geographic.

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