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  1. 0:03 dude the fables book cover is literally from my comics and illustration class. That kid went to my school that’s amazing.

  2. Part two of Chapter 1.

    “Bruno, Bruno!” the woman shouted desperately, but nothing could be heard from the sphere.
    Curious, but also trying to remember as many details as possible for a future article, Viaceslav came near and took the woman by the shoulders, trying to pull her back.
    The woman struggled weakly for a moment, turning her head toward him, and looking at him with tears in her eyes.
    “My husband will kill me for having lost his dog. He told me not to take him, for I could not handle him, but I just wanted to take him out for a walk.”
    She leaned her head on Viaceslav’s shoulder and cried even harder, while Piotr, who was behind her, took some close-ups of the cut end of the leash: the slice was as fine and clean as if it had been made by a scalpel.
    Viaceslav turned his head and said to Piotr:
    “Get close to the sphere and take some pictures of the place where the dog disappeared. Maybe there is a trace….”
    Piotr shook his head.
    “If the lady’s husband comes up, the dog will be our least problem.”
    “What do you mean?” Viaceslav asked, confused.
    His friend explained:
    “The lady’s husband is Josef Sokolovski, a main pivot in the Polish rugby team. And he is famous for being extremely jealous.”
    Recalling several violent incidents in which the rugby player had been involved, and which he had written about in their magazine, Viaceslav tried to get the woman away from him, but at that very moment the crowd parted like breaking ice. The ice breaker was Josef Sokolovski himself, who regarded the embracing pair with a cold eye, thinking he would deal with it later.
    His priority was the dog, of which only a severed leash remained.
    “Where is Bruno?” he asked in a deep, baritone voice.
    When his wife pointed to the sphere, the man came near the black wall and shouted as loud as he could:
    The windows of the buildings around them rattled and a few car alarms started, but there was no sound from the dog.
    He looked at his wife again, his face black as coal, and stormed toward the sphere,, undoubtedly determined to destroy it.
    “Sir,” Viaceslav spoke hesitantly, “please be careful. If you get too close, it could be dangerous.”
    The main pivot Josef Sokolovski grinned sardonically and snapped:
    “You’ll see what a dangerous situation is as soon as I get my dog back.”
    He came closer to the sphere and shouted the dog’s name once again. He reached toward the black matte sphere, hesitated for a brief moment, and then plunged his hand into the pitch-blackness.
    Nothing happened for a couple of moments, but then his hand got pulled in. The Polish national rugby team’s pivot turned a desperate look toward the people behind him, maybe the first such look in his life. He tried to speak, but he was quickly pulled inside the sphere before getting the chance to say anything.
    “Josef,” his wife screamed frantically, and before Viaceslav could stop her, she pulled herself from his arms and ran toward the sphere.
    She disappeared inside it before anyone could say or do anything.
    “Get back!” the journalist shouted hoarsely, and after regaining his voice, he urged: “Take all the children and stand back! This sphere is dangerous!”
    No one needed further instructions, because before their very eyes, a dog, a mountain of a man, and his wife had disappeared into its darkness without leaving the slightest trace.
    The journalist took out his phone and dialed 911, his hands shaking with emotion.
    “Hello,” he said. “My name is Viaceslav Barela. I work as a journalist for Fakt and I want to report that there is a bomb in the Krasinsky Square, right near the Karpackie tap house.”
    He listened for a few moments and then confirmed:
    “Yes, Ma’am, I used to work as a war reporter in Iraq, and I know what a bomb looks like.”
    He listened for a few more moments and then said:
    “Certainly, Ma’am, I shall make everyone get away from the bomb, and I’ll wait for the police to get here.”
    He made signs toward people around him to step away, and in less than five minutes, the first police car pulled up beside him. A corpulent commissioner got out of the car and asked in a thunderous voice:
    “Where is Viaceslav Barela?”
    When the journalist raised his hand, he walked toward him and asked:
    “And where is the bomb?”
    When Viaceslav indicated the sphere, the commissioner burst out in annoyance.
    “Does this look like a bomb to you? Who knows what a bloody chewing gum commercial this is, and you make the police come for nothing!”
    “If I had said that in the square, there was a black sphere swallowing up people, would anyone have believed me? Or you would have sent an ambulance to take me to the madhouse?”
    “A sphere swallowing people…” the commissioner burst out again, even more contemptuously. “I am thinking that you will end up with a serious fine.”
    Piotr Lew walked over to the commissioner, played the recording in front of him from the very beginning, and after he watched it all the way through, he spoke compellingly:
    “Commissioner, my colleague used to work as a war reporter in Iraq, so he can definitely tell a dangerous situation when he sees one. I’d say you’d better listen to him.”
    Overwhelmed by the situation, the commissioner gestured to the journalist to take the floor.
    “Commissioner, I believe that you should call in backup, plus a team with barricades, to keep everybody at a distance. Then I would call in the army, as it is very likely we may be dealing with a new type of gun and we don’t know how dangerous it is.”
    Viaceslav let the commissioner think everything over for a moment or so, and then uttered another thought that had just crossed his mind:
    “Just think about it. What if at some point this sphere feels like moving and starts absorbing everything in its path?”
    The commissioner got chills at that thought and started shouting orders over his radio.
    People who overheard the journalist thought that would be a very likely scenario, so despite their curiosity, they started to back away, putting a safe distance between themselves and the mysterious sphere.

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