Girls Read Comic = Hammer Arguement

the ladies choose to see what the fuss has to do with comic books, and in the long run get copies of a thor quantity and also well it shows what the difficulty has to do with and causes a debate about thor's hammer, so that was right.
from the period 6 episode The Bakersfield Exploration
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94 thoughts on “Girls Read Comic = Hammer Arguement”

  1. “If Harry Potter’s wand can make decisions, why can’t Thor’s hammer?” That must be the best argument Penny could have said…

    1. PolliitoAle If you’re gonna start comparing wands to hammers I can’t even take you seriously right now

    2. magic in most fantasy is like a computer software creating universe. Magic is like hacking or modding it and taking those codes to create something for yourself. Just like certain codes create grass, clouds, trees and other things in game.
      What if you used that code to make a tree appear on the desert.

      like cheat code “give me 100000 gold”

      Thor’s hammer simply has less amount of codes
      when Harry’s want has got more codes.

    3. No the weapon is not sentient. There are sentient weapons and in baldur’s gate 2 you find a weapon that talks. There is a difference. It is like jarvis in the suit. Just that the magic creates sentience within the item. Mjolnir is not sentient. But i really admire penny providing good arguments. Minus the sunrise argument.

  2. “If I go to a bar and pick up a guy, and he picks up a girl, and we all leave together, did I pick up the girl?” xD

  3. Well, Penny HAS a good point…if Harry Potter’s wand can make decisions, why can’t Thor’s hammer?

    1. The thing is that in d&d there is a difference between sentient weapons and non sentient. So technically the hammer doesnt decide.

    1. Bronson Ferrigno But he’s Thaddeus Ross…what moron thinks he’s a candidate for being worthy enough to lift it.

    2. @James Lawman No idea. Probably only works if Thor is also holding onto it somehow. I haven’t read much of the comics.

    3. @James Lawman he sticks to his principles, faces enemies much more powerful him with no super powers, and is willing to sacrifice himself to protect those he cares about

  4. “If i go to a bar and pick up a guy and he picks up a girl and we all leave together. Did i pick up the girl?” Pennys logic is epic

    1. “If Harry Potter’s wand can make decisions, then why can’t Thor’s hammer?” my favorite Penny line!

    2. 1) Exactly which wand is Penny referring to? In theory every wand can decide. And Harry had more than one.

      2) Even if Harry couldn’t pick up the hammer… he could surely Expelliarmus it out of Thor’s hand like nobody’s business. (though part of me suspects he would be worthy, he was never as bad as movie Thor started out, and doesn’t seek power)
      3) …if Harry uses magic to remove the hammer from Thor’s hand, and the magic is Harry’s, did Harry pick up the hammer?

      4) If Harry’s magic removes the hammer from Thor, and someone else got the rebound, would that make them worthy, or just a good catcher? Would the power then be split between the catcher and Harry, since it was a team effort?
      5) It does seems kinda silly that Harry’s wand can decide and Thor’s hammer can’t. That suggests wandmakers put more thought into their craft than Odin did into testing his son… and all other worthy. So even calling it Thor’s hammer is inaccurate. He’s really only renting it. Someone else worthy could take it from him. Which makes it a lot like the Elder Wand. But more bulky.

    3. Samoan Joseph Harry only had one wand until the end of the series and even then he repaired his original wand so he could continue to use it. anyway, Wands choose the wizard in the series. That is really the only choice it made, the wand did do amazing things, but that had more to do with the twin cores between him and Voldemort’s wand, along with him having part of Voldemort’s soul attached to him. His wand was just an ordinary wand, with the exception of when it was used against Voldemort. Which is mentioned in the Series, by Dumbledore.

    4. @Sami Lo It’s because wands can choose that Harry had more than one choose him. His chose him. But so did Draco’s, after he disarmed Draco. And so did the Elder Wand. So “Harry Potter’s wand” is vague when all three gave him their allegiance. The same way “Dumbledore’s wand” could refer to either the one he defeated Grindelwald with, or the Elder Wand he took from Grindelwald. You might as well say “the wand that Ollivander made” for how unclear it is.

      And I wouldn’t put it past Penny to not read the whole series. Or to only watch one of the movies. Leonard probably talked her into doing it.

    5. Samoan Joseph any wand COULD remove Mjolnir’s magic by using the spell, “Finite,” which cancels out enchantments. For a wider effect, you would use “Finite Incantatem.”

    1. “-I can’t even take you seriously”


    1. @Samuel Shin LOL when I Looked at your link I was expecting some sort of study article and what I got was a video about one psycho dude which doesn’t prove anything, Now im not of feminist I’m an egalitarian but you shouldn’t make seeping generalisations and be objective otherwise your being just as illogical as what the movement feminism has turned into.

    2. @Daniel rogers Dr. Patrick Fagan wrote in the research report “Why Religion Matters Even More,” “Men who attended religious services at least weekly were more than 50 percent less likely to commit an act of violence against their partners than were peers who attended only once a year or less. No matter how the data were analyzed, regular attendance at religious services had a strong and statistically significant inverse association with the incidence of domestic abuse.… Religiously active conservative Protestant men were least likely to engage in domestic violence.” (Emphasis added.)

    3. @Samuel ShinWell I don’t know how you correlate male Feminists to atheists, these are two different ideology’s that don’t necessarily conflict in people minds, you can be religious and be a male feminists, and even if you could make that correlation it would show that 99% are violent.

      Also as for this study article all it covers is actively religious people to less actively religious people and the unaffiliated, not going to church doesn’t make you an atheist so it make sense and an actively religious person putting effort into it may be better than a non active person, But for studies they show more secular country’s are more peaceful although their are exceptions, it depends on the actual beliefs and values that are prevalent

  5. Lmao I love this. It shows that not only have the girls changed the guys lives but they have changed the girls lives as well. Who would have thought Penny would have ever gotten into a Comic book argument, lol

    1. milster People arguing comic books and movies? Pretty sure Marvel made themselves into a multi-billion dollar company because of it.

    2. That exactly right on the head of the nail. After even many different earth versions and left it to be open they have these debates.

    3. milster it’s not possible in real life for people in relationships to influence each other?

    1. @Stephen King Of course every wand choses the witch/wizard it wants or it won’t work. You’re new to the Bees and Flowers fandom, aren’t you?

    2. Harry Potter
      “I don’t do magic, I do science. One takes brains, the other takes eyeliner.” —Me

  6. “But if you put the hammer in an elevator?”
    “It would still go up”
    “Elevator’s not worthy”

    1. For those confused, from what I understand the hammer is sentient. And can tell your intentions when trying to move it.

      As in if it’s in a box and you’re picking up the box just to put it in a closet or something you could lift it. Or if its on a table and you just want to move the table you could move the table.

      Mjolnir isn’t that heavy its the enchantment/sentience.

      TL; DR: Yes an elevator can lift it. Otherwise it would just drop through everything including the earth.

    2. @Seraph Sephiroth – Odin said the hammer was simply a tool that Thor could use to learn to focus his power and had no power of it’s own.

    3. @Another Dave That’s MCU Odin. Which is irrelevant to most iterations and we don’t even know if he was right. He tried and failed to lift it in the comics at one point so its not just decided by him or his strength

    4. @Seraph Sephiroth – you make be right. Thor doesn’t turn back into the lame Dr. Donald Blake it he is separated from the hammer for a certain time anymore.

    5. inanimate objects cant be worthy or not worthy. the things like an elevator or gravity, being able to manipulate the hammer means nothing. its only when a living sentient being is attempts to movie it that worthiness is being judged.

  7. “Elevator’s not worthyyyyyyyy.”
    -Steve Rogers
    I don’t know but I was reminded of that scene.

  8. “Thor is a god, the hammer is his, only he can use it. It’s like Sheldon and his toothbrush or his thin beckoning lips.”

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