How to Draw Clothes for Manga/Comic Books, Part 1

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ps: Check out the 2nd 'exactly how to draw garments' video here:.

22 thoughts on “How to Draw Clothes for Manga/Comic Books, Part 1”

  1. This really helps me thank you so much and by the way I love your girl character she looks so adoreable in that picture.

  2. i love all of your tutorials! 😀
    i find it funny when you say ‘stare’ instead of study ( 8:36 ) XD its like ‘stalker!’
    jk jk 🙂

  3. thank you so much for these videos. you’ve helped me out so much! ive really improved after the first 2 vids (lol)
    keep up the good work! ;3

  4. I’ve been drawing anime since I was 7, & I always feel there is always room for improvement no matter what. I enjoyed watching these. There are a lot of nice tips & it’s well done too (:

  5. If I get in trouble with the authorities with suspicious staring at public places, should I mention Mark Crilley told me to? x)

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