38 thoughts on “Spider-Man All Costumes & Character Viewer & Comic Books & Game Covers!”

    1. Wrong it’s the other way round those days the graphics were best not only that but there was these flickering graphics where you could think something’s on the other side in the corner of the level nowadays games don’t even support glitches. You get very few examples like this today but at least the ambition of fans and developers to achieve things such as by exporting from games and so on keeps rising, only it’s not actually doing the thing from scratch but rather from previous sources.

  1. I hear that Monster-Ock’s “It’s not over yet!” line has been retracked in this version.

  2. Loved this game! Used to play it a lot in my childhood,good ol’ times :’) And the old cartoons were a lot better than the cartoons thesedays!

    1. MrWhatdafuBOOM there are more then you can think but carnege and monster och with Venom being good it Will be a good movie

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