72 thoughts on “Steven Yeun Has His Comic Books To Keep Him Warm – CONAN on TBS”

    1. yeah… he has to keep up with that shaming language in order to please the advertisers (women spend the most money in this economy). us men are slaves to the system.

  1. He looks insanely good dressed up like that. I love him, by far one of the most attractive guys on the planet.

    1. SteinchenTV considerately people mute yourself, we all like him because he is an amazing person with an outgoing, friendly personality and he is humble and down to earth unlike you

    1. @Thomas Christopher White I use to be like that. Like for me I don’t go out with people that I don’t think I can have a good marriage with because I find dating a person pointless if I wasn’t dating to marry later on. Crazy though right. Like this girl was really into me but I didn’t like her parents much since they were really judgmental of people and I didn’t like that. She asked me why I never made a move on her when I knew she liked me but I just said I liked her as a friend and didn’t mention her parents.

    1. Your last name is Corrigan? Did your father ever murder his two older brothers in a spooky mansion?

  2. It’s gonna take awhile but Steven Yeun is really setting the foundation for Asian actors in Hollywood. He isn’t type-casted into being a kung-fu character or a racist store-clerk. He’s just a dude killing zombies.

    1. By definition, marriage does not equal happiness lmao. (Never been married but I’m still right and you know it)

    1. Aaliyah Beverly I saw that too, how long have they been married? Isn’t it too fast to have a child? Maybe it’s because of his age that makes him want to have a child

  3. I like the way he answers all the questions thrown to him without any hesitation. very quick witted intelligent dude

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