62 thoughts on “The Big Bang Theory – The Girls Arguing About Comic Books”

  1. It’s funny, I’m a huge comic book fan. I grew up reading them, and am still collecting them. Yet I have never met a guy who liked them. LOL. Other than my cousin and a random coworker none of the men in my life like comic books. At least not as adults. I find it hilarious when they talk about the DC and Marvel movies like they know so much and them I mention the respective books and they give me this deadpan look. I think I need more “nerds” in my life.

    1. Dude! I hear you. No one I know IRL reads comics and everytime I come up with a brilliant theory, I know no one around me will ever get it. And no one gets it when you get excited over tiny comic nods in the movies either. And sometimes I feel bad that moviegoers will never experience incredible storylines like Infinity/Secret Wars, Ultimate Fantastic Four and tbh anything Jonathan Hickman has ever written or great characters like Amadeus Cho, Doom (neither of the movies really captured his intelligence and ruthlessness and that’s unacceptable to me), Jennifer Walters, the Shi’ar empire and so many more. My favorite comic book character is Black Bolt and you can imagine the pain I went through when they initially announced a movie (which got me way more excited than I care to admit because I thought that moviegoers, including my friends, would finally appreciate his brilliance and that would in turn result in more comics featuring him) and then went on to deliver the worst TV show ever!

      P.S. I’m partial to Marvel myself but I do enjoy reading DC as well.

    2. James Bennett Impressive.

      OP: I was a comics nerd as well as Star Trek and Doctor Who. I sold my collection and stopped buying any more back around 1995 or so.

    3. @Janet Cynthia the closest I’ve gotten to finding someone IRL was the ambulance driver who geeked out over my Star Wars collection the last time I had a bad seizure or the alleged Doctor Who fan my cousin wanted to set me up with because and I quote “He’s wierd, just like you”. So yeah….I’m in the same boat lol

  2. Leonard hooked up with Priya and that one chick he met at the comic book store that he cheated on Priya with. Both of those were hotter then Penny, so I’d say his odds of finding a girlfriend prettier then Penny are better then he gives himself credit for.

  3. I can only imagine how the guys would act if they notice that their comic books are strewn all over the floor, right next to open containers of food and drinks

  4. Penny: Okay, hang on. If I go to a bar and pick up a guy, and he picks up a girl, and then we all leave together, did I pick up the girl?

    1. @Coward Brat if a key opens many locks, it’s called master key.

      If a lock opens to many keys, it’s a worthless lock.

    2. @AB 3456789 a pencil that has been sharpened too many times is useless, but a sharpener that can groom any pencil is a gift to us all

  5. This reminds of my friend and I right now. He’s obsessed with comic books and I’m obsessed with classical literature. A month ago he lent me _Batman: Knightfall_ and I emailed him the PDF of _Dracula._ We both got hooked. Most of our conversations now revolve aaroundthe books we’re swapping, and we’re both thinking: “We crossed into an alternate demention where the friends in our lives can finally appreciate great literature.”

    1. I mean, good for you, but Dracula is garbage. I couldn’t make it past chapter 2, it felt like mu eyes were going to start bleeding. I had an easier time reading Paradise Lost by Milton.

      I had a similar thing happen with my best friend. I sent him Shakespeare’s Henry V, he sent me a Life of Strange prequel graphic novel.

      A month later and I’ve played both games and i’m waiting for the other graphic novels to arrive, and he has purchased the complete works of the bard, and messaged me a couple of days ago about how great Othello is. He’s even asked if he can come with me next time I go watch the RSC perform a play.

  6. “Sounds like a job for a landing party “
    “Captain, what are your orders?”
    “I say we investigate…”

  7. Bernadette is so cute & definitely won the argument “You Don’t Know His Life”
    Haha best line, best comeback ever LOL

  8. I feel like this is he inspiration for he discussion Tony, Steve and Thor have at the end of Age of Ultron about the hammer.

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