The hardest Avengers quiz ever – Only for true fans! 20 Fandom Questions and Comic books trivia

Just a true follower will rack up 100% – Can you complete this Avengers quiz? Answer 20 inquiries as well as comment with your rating. This test is full of facts from the movies as well as the comics.

Be straightforward when you respond to the question in this test about Marvel's favorite team of super heroes. Proof that you are a true follower as well as demonstrate how much expertise you have about the MCU as well as The Avengers.

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54 thoughts on “The hardest Avengers quiz ever – Only for true fans! 20 Fandom Questions and Comic books trivia”

  1. 1. Loki’s scepter is not the tesseract, the tesseract is the cube containing the space stone.
    2. cap was born in 1918, not 1920

    1. Like he LITERALLY EXPOSED HIMSELF IN THE VERY FIRST MOVIE. He didn’t even hide it. The real question is; are you stupid enough to actually get that wrong?

  2. Title: The hardest avengers quiz ever….

    WhaT’S iRoN mAN’s rEAl nAmE
    And btw the Stormbreaker is an axe not hammer

    1. Its a hamaxe duh

      And yes some of these questions had nothing to do with a true fan would know and the scepter is not called GODSLAYER

  3. Question 10 correction: Loki’s staff is the scepter and has the mind stone in it. Though it is powered by the Tesseract, that is not it’s name.

  4. I’m all correct but why is Loki’s scepter called “the tesseract”? Isn’t that the space stone? Cause Loki’s scepter holds the mindstone

  5. No one:
    Actually no one:
    “What is Iron Man’s real name?”
    A Tony Stark
    B Bruce Banner
    C Peter Parker
    Knows the answer by heart
    Also me:
    Pruce Stark

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