Top 10 Best DC Graphic Novels


What are the best comics by DC? Some of the very best Batman tales and ideal Superman comics are accumulated in profession books and we considered them all! We're not taking a look at DC Vertigo comics like Sandman or From Heck, but rather concentrating on superhero stories published by DC's main brand. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the very best graphic novels by DC.

00:33 # 10. "Flash Regeneration" (2010 )
01:27 # 9. "AllStar Superman" (2007 )
02:27 # 8. "The Judas Agreement" (1984 )
03:30 # 7. "Batman Year One" (1987 )
04:38 # 6. "Whatever Took place to the Male of Tomorrow?" (1986 )
05:14 # 5. "Batman The Long Halloween" (1998 )
06:04 # 4. "Kingdom Come" (1996 )
06:43 # 3, # 2 & # 1:????

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69 thoughts on “Top 10 Best DC Graphic Novels”

    1. Noodleboy N I know this was over a year ago but you guys had the dumbest argument I’d ever seen. 2000ad wouldn’t exist without the American comics to begin with. So you can’t say 2000ad is the most influential when 2000ad itself was inspired by the American comics.

    2. @Felix Nolasco Lol, you are also forgetting Batman Year one, DKR and Batman, those comics/novels changed how people look at batman.

    1. only that it doesn’t make too much sense. batman has been drugged every other scarecrow appearance and been locked up in deathtraps for 70 years and suddenly drugging and locking him up is actually effective? not to mention all that court nonsense of not just sniping bruce wayne from a rooftop.

      the only reason anyone liked court of owls is because they were a ‘new addition’ though they were really just another league of assasins and because they were allowed to penetrate batmans otherwise godlike plotarmor.
      which in general is the only reason any batman villain is liked if they arent ozing sex left and right like ivy and catwoman. bane, joker, red hood and now court of owls.

    2. +clydefrosch
      Yep he was at his worst during the “The Cult” storyline if we’re going to count that as canon. I just can’t get into the concept that almost every high income person (probably 50% of which Bruce Wayne, not Batman, has regular meetings with) are members of an underground society and with all their money and resources choose to spend their time watching Batman vs Talon for entertainment.

    1. I bought the killing joke and watchmen on the same day, but I finished reading killing joke in a day and watchmen in a month. Overall I honestly think watchmen is THE best dc graphic novel of all time.

    1. Death of Superman was one of the biggest scams in the comic industry and we all bought it hook, line, and sinker because of the massive hype. Never take any superhero death seriously. Oh yeah the story was mediocre.

    2. _The Death of Superman_ has aged surprisingly well, much more than TDKR has. Plus the panel layering decreasing with each issue does a great job heightening the tension and drama. It’s a solid read just like it’s sequels _Funeral For a Friend_ and _The Reign of the Supermen_.

    3. @KeijiMaeda86​ its old issue and there is ni point on selling it high price. The fact is it outsild everybody untill this day as most sold graphic novel in comic book history. “mediocre at best” clearly you have no clue about superman death. I would recomend watching superman/doomsday by comicexplained to see deep idea and truth of that comic. And record selling even during the release proves your point wrong. It was released after the overated tdkr and outsold it during the release. So your point ptoves nothinf

    4. I’m not surprised. Batman has the best comics in all of DC. EDIT: Just like how X men HAD the best comics in marvel.

    1. +Sena Kashiwazaki I can tell. Judging by how much you praise BvS and Suicide Squad in previous comments.

    1. I think BTAS is good, but i find it really overrated. Yes it has it’s strong points like the voice acting, Harley’s debut, Mask of the Phantasm and the fact that the series saved Mr Freeze by turning him from a one-dimensional mad scientist into a tragic villain and deep character. But it wasn’t THAT great really, and let’s face it, apart from the voice actors, most of the praise that BTAS gets is just due to the “Everything was so much better in 1993” nostalgia trend more than anything.

      I think Justice League/Justice Unlimited, Avengers EMH, Young Justice and Teen Titans are all better, and i think it’s kind of unfair that the nostalgia-bias instantly makes Batman TAS better than those in the eyes of many

    2. James Michael Harding Without TAS you would not have had those shows. It was a trailblazer. It treated its source material and its audience with a high opinion. Look at some of the later Batman show.

    1. Yes you do ^^. This list is kind of a good start however. I got into comics through Watchmen and the Long Halloween.

    2. Matthew Cool Watchmen is literally like the Beatles of Comic books 🙂 It didn’t start it all but it brought it to a whole other level that blew everyone’s mind! Happy Reading 😀

    3. With the exception of Kingdom Come everything on this list is pretty much available as an animated movie or an actual movie.

    1. Corentin
      Neither was more than half the list technically. The fact that you can buy Knightfall as a single thick book means it is a now a “graphic novel”. Same case for Judas Contract which is in the list.

  1. Watchmen is such an amazing read. Same with V for Vendetta although it wasn’t included in the list. Say what you want about D.C. Movies, but they’re comics are golden, can’t be beaten.

    1. Wow hey let’s reply to a two month old comment, but i think the art of V for Vendetta is absolutely unbearable. If someone else like Tim Sale or or perhaps even Steve McNiven would re-do it, i think i would be ten times better. Watchmen is (partially) as fantastic as it is because of Dave Gibbons incredible artwork, and would suffer if done otherwise. Am I alone on this?

    2. HemelzinkiStudios No you are not but you most definitely are drastically outnumbered. But opinions are opinions after all.

    3. Well, V for Vendetta was published under Vertigo. Still an imprint of DC, but that’s probably why they didn’t include it on the list.

    1. @Zézocas Go to, and search for Watchmen .. . or go to your local Barnes & Nobles and buy it for $40

  2. 1) watchmen
    2) V for vendetta
    3) The sandman
    4) The killing joke
    5) The dark knight returns
    6) Kingdom Come
    7) The long halloween
    8) Saga of the swamp thing
    9) All star superman
    10) Batman year one

    1. Sandman is better than watchmen it added the endless, lucifer, mazikeen (Who was way better in the sandman than the tv show) and had characters like boss smiley aswell whilst watchmen only added what rochack and dr manhattans

    1. anything done by alex ross is nothing short of incredible. I also recommend “World’s greatest superheros” and “Justice” as he did all the art for those books too.

  3. Best DC graphic novels = Batman with four entries on this list
    Best DC cartoon show = Batman: The Animated Series
    Best DC animated movie = Mask of the Phantasm
    Best DC live action film = The Dark Knight
    Best DC video game = Arkham City
    Honorable mention for cultural impact = 1960s Batman live action TV series
    Batman >>>>>>>>>> The rest of DC

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