Top 10 Shocking Moments In Comic Books

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61 thoughts on “Top 10 Shocking Moments In Comic Books”

    1. @U n t i t l e d figured wouldn’t have to add more but apparently you need written directions and a fully detailed schematic. No i am not going implying it came first your making assumptions with no facts to back your claim so I’ll ignore that one. Plain and simple if kirkman didn’t add Daryl to the show those that read the graphic novel wouldn’t have watched it, since those that read it would know whats going to happen the x-factor that is Daryl re-wrote the universe because you have a what if. Yes he does make the show happen since the first time they did an episode without him social media had a meltdown about it. Tv shows are made and broken when they add and remove characters. You get rid of a fan favorite you lose some of your audience most are invested up till the point where their favorite character goes bye-bye. Given the fact that Norman Reedus is the most famous one out of the cast with more known acting roles who do you think helped bring in that audience. So given that information that most people aside from you came to logically you have any other half assed implications to add in, or are you done wasting my time.

    1. I would have thought the kidnap of Gordon and being forced to watch Barbra being raped was more shocking than her being shot.

    1. @Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man people also often forget that spiderman is unique in that his entire motivation for being a super hero originated from the guilt of causing his uncles death. So naturally when he technically did cause Gwens death it was probably that saddest moment in marvel comics ever.

    2. @Kyle Waters doesn’t rape her physically just strips her and take photo’s to show to Gordon to try to drive him insane

  1. If I recall, Superman held back during his fight with Bats in DKR. And It was actually Green Arrow who beat Supes using a kyrptonite arrow. No one gives him any credit in that story.

    1. If I recall… Batman only had that one small dose of kryptonite. That was it, (the stuff is rare after all) and his “fight” with Superman was merely a distraction for Green Arrow to make his shot. There was no holding back. Superman on the other hand was trying his best not to hurt him.

      So I guess what I was trying to say two years ago (it’s been two years? damn) is that Batman didn’t beat Superman on his own. Batman and Green Arrow beat Superman, and Robin helped too.

    2. Rabbit Ronin and Miller NEVER explained why Green Arrow lost the arm apart from indicating Superman did it lol

    1. Why is that shocking? He had the gauntlet, everyone knew how powerful it is in Infinity Quest.

    2. @Singularity Science It was shocking to Earth’s heroes because they didn’t know he even had the Gauntlet or even that the stones existed. It was shocking to the cosmic entities because he didn’t just randomly wipe out half the universe, he systematically removed threats to his reign as supreme being with cold blooded malice. It was like dropping billions with one pull of a trigger.

    1. @Trav Poul Not really, it is relevant but it was hardly shocking since you could tell who it was after a few scenes.

  2. I would have put Peter’s death in the Amazing Spider-Man issue 700. Peter’s body did survive the issue, but his mind didn’t. Doc. Oct had swapped their minds and in one moment Peter was face to face with all of his greatest failures.

    He tried to best not to let anybody die, friend or foe, but he had allowed friends to die. Doc. Oct’s body had gave out for a short period of time, he was able to see everybody he had failed. The defining moment there was when his uncle Ben told him he shouldn’t be here, as in ‘heaven’ Peter thought he should be in ‘hell’ for allowing them to die. Ben told him he was still needed on earth, pulled down his mask.

    1. Wait a minute so you are telling me batman is Bruce Wayne!?!?! Uh yah right… Bruce isn’t that boss to be as powerful as batman?!?!? Batman has a cave while Bruce has a mansion

    1. yep. none of watchmojo’s comic book top 10’s include negan which is shocking. or anyone from the walking dead. only superheros…

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