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    1. Bryan Uhl, The comics that collect multiple issues and combine them in one books are called TPB (Trade Paper Back) and the comics that are single stories not tied to any series are called Graphic Novels. Like The Killing Joke or Jrant Morrison’s Arkham Asylum and yes I know I’m kind of late ‘-‘

    2. It’s good but it is very short and over rated. These stories have more substance and focus on batman.

  1. I really want to know the reading order for Batman comics since the new 52. I researched a lot and I found no answer for the chronological order of the Batman new 52 comics.

    1. The New 52 Batman collected editions are all numbered on the spine of the books. The order is: Court of the Owls, The City of Owls, Death of the Family and Secret City.  Un-numbered trades are Night of the Owls, (which can be read after The City of Owls), and The Joker: Death of the Family, (which can be read after Death of the Family.  Hope this helps.

  2. I just finished the Court of Owls and the City of Owls. They’re absolutely amazing! Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder have created a pure masterpiece – complex and interesting story, intense action, perfect character development and the kind of Batman mystery we all love!

    My all time favourite is the Long Halloween. I also love Frank Miller’s works a lot. My top 5 is actually the same as these guys’. What a coincidence!

    1.The Long Halloween
    2.The Dark Knight Returns
    3.Year One
    4.Black Mirror / Knightfall pt.1
    5.The Court of Owls

  3. Top 5 not in any order because they’re all so awesome

    -Year One
    -The Killing Joke
    -The Long Halloween
    -The Black Mirror

    Many others are really good though. There’s too many good batman books.

    1. Nightfall is good. But to me part 2 dragged. The 3rd one where the 2 batman fought was cool though. The 1st one made Bane seem like such a beast and something Batman couldn’t handle. The Joker is a cool one because it was a very dark Joker similar to the Heath Ledger style and it focused so much on him and only put Batman in the very end so I don’t consider it too much of a batman book. But if I was ranking Joker stories it’d probably be 2nd to The Killing Joke I really do like it.

    1. I would argue it’s more of a joker story featuring batman. that could be the reason because it’s definitely one of the greatest comics. let alone just batman

  4. 1. Court of Owls
    2. Dark Knight Returns
    3. Endgame
    4. Arkham Asylum A Serious House on Serious Earth
    5. Year One and Death of the Family

    1. 1. Scott Snyder
      2. Frank Miller
      3. Scott Snyder
      4. Grant Morrison
      5. Frank Miller and Scott Snyder.

      That’s 3 really awesome writers.

  5. 1. Killing Joke
    2. Dark Knight Returns
    3. Long Halloween
    4. Court of Owls
    5. Mad Love
    6. Arkham Asylum:A Serious House on Serious Earth
    7. Gotham by Gaslight
    8. Cacaphony
    9. Year One
    10. Venom

  6. Scott Snyder’s run on batman is one of the only few comics that are actually good in the new 52.

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