Andy Black Shops for His Top 5 Graphic Novels at Forbidden Planet

#AndyBlack, vocalist for #BlackVeilBrides and also solo artist, hits up comic store #ForbiddenPlanet in pursuit of his favorite #GraphicNovels and explains why they imply a lot to him.

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44 thoughts on “Andy Black Shops for His Top 5 Graphic Novels at Forbidden Planet”

  1. Interesting I can relate some what. Though I never really liked Batman tell I saw Batman Beyond and then I was like lets go!!!!
    I think its cool I had something in common with Andy after all.

  2. This would be an amazing video series. Imagine getting to see Corey Taylor’s fav comics or movies? Or hell everyone’s fav media pieces. I’m sure there can be some surprises. I bet you the lead singer from Corpsegrinder loves Hello Kitty

  3. More metal and comics crossover please. This is an easy series that would have me watching the channel every week.

  4. I really can’t decide whether it’s more enjoyable to look at him, listen to him talk, or watch him perform. He is simply amazing all around!

    1. @Moon Light neither was I. He’s such a big fan. 😂
      Awesome pfp, btw. Where’s it from?

    2. is anyone who knows ANYTHING about surprised that their mostly batman? it’s not like he’s got four different tattoos of batman or anything

  5. Not a fan of BVB, but I honestly have no problems with this dude or his taste in comics. Kingdom Come is the best Superhero comic ever written!

    1. @NP138 I honestly did not like Knives and Pens, which was too emo in my opinion, but Heart of Fire and Goodbye Agony are pretty lit songs

    2. d j, love both of those as well, DKR is my favorite Batman comic of all time, Watchmen is also a 10/10 masterpiece. Still gotta go with Kingdom Come because of the artwork (Alex Ross is the man) alone, combine that with the writing and it’s unbeatable. Again, just my own humble opinion. 🤘🏻

    1. I would love to see something similar but with Danzing’ classic film favorites! I wanna know about the horror films that inspired the misfits.

  6. Never into his band’s image & songs at all but he seems to be a very cool dude to hang out talking about comics, movies, chicks over coffee.
    And YES, i totally agree with Andy, I woulda killed the bad guys too if i were Batman or other vigilantes. Make the world a better place with fewer criminals.

    PS: do rock/metal musicians with passion for comics & action figures altogether. Sebastian Bach, Scott Ian, Corey Taylor to name a few and let them discuss it. PLEASE !!

    1. Ari Awan You can’t end with cannibalism by eating up all the cannibals. Bruce got that right away

    1. It doesn’t look like he will last long with clothes that tight, looks like a 24/7 spandex suit, one way ticket to blood clot city!

  7. I love him and his love for comics! I want to read some of these. Also I will visit that comics store next time I’m in NYC

  8. Never been a BVB fan, but I have a whole new respect for Andy Black (Just wish he would have talked more about his Bat-toos)

    1. Murray C well this video is not about his tattoos but there is an interview about his batman tattoos here on youtube

  9. I’m gonna meet this guy in Birmingham in a couple months and I’m excited!!! I might cry ngl…

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