Improve your English with COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS

English students typically inform me they intend to find out more, yet they find numerous English publications too difficult to comprehend. In this lesson, I will offer you guidance on exactly how to use graphic novels as well as comic books to help you improve your English. I will teach you the difference in between comics as well as comics, as well as I will certainly speak about the misconceptions associated with both. These sort of publications typically include more informal, conversational language contrasted to literary books, which is one of the reasons I suggest them to students. I understand these tips will certainly help you work with your conversational English, so be sure to view the video to learn exactly how to use them to your benefit. What's your favorite comic? Allow me recognize in the remarks! As well as take the test on this lesson at

29 thoughts on “Improve your English with COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS”

  1. I can proudly say that I have learned much from Emma during my tough time 3 years ago..When I was new to Gcc..
    Thank you ..Keep going 💝 from kerala …india

  2. Many thanks, ❤I’ve never read comic books, I will definitely do it after this video. It is really interesting, thanks for the great ideas 👏👏👏

  3. I really enjoyed that video, it’s extremely useful, specially for me that I’m stuck at intermediate level for more than two years.

    1. There is an application in GooglePlay called “Cambridge English 1500 Conversation v2.0”, it is all about conversation.. you wouldn’t be regret to spend sometimes on it.

  4. miss, I read readers digest a topic daily. pick out words. find meanings and use them in my sentences.
    how is this strategy?

  5. In fact, translated Japanese manga was one of ways to learn english for me, approximately every merits of reading visual novels or comics were said in this video and I agree with every word here

  6. Emma, thank you for advises. They the very helpful and interesting as always.
    PS. Your dress is gorgeous

  7. A can’t understand, when she talks, I can understand all, but when I am in the school or another place, I can’t comprehend 80% what they say.

  8. Thank you for this advice
    I am a literature student and I read a graphic novel called Pride of Baghdad. It’s very interesting

  9. I really really recommand the best comic book i loved is “attack titan” . it discuss a lot of thought such as different race for people and some thing can touch your deep heart .

  10. I tried reading comics when i was young and found it very interesting. It helped me a lot in learning english as my second language.

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