43 thoughts on “Top 20 Must Read Graphic Novels”

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  1. Can’t wait to read the rest of these! I’ve read Civil War, Kraven’s Last Hunt, Judas Contract, V for Vendetta, Watchmen, All Star Superman, The Black Mirror, The Death of Superman (obviously), Old man Logan, Superman Batman: Public Enemies, and The Killing Joke. All of them were from my library lol. Awesome list!

  2. Thanks for graphic novels I was looking for some new reading materials and this video provided exactly what I was looking for…just ordered gi joe one and can’t wait to read it

  3. If you haven’t already you should look into Saga of the Swamp thing by Alan Moore. It’s the series that made me love comics. Not only did is it a great story and art throughout but they abandoned the Comics Code Authority/fought censorship, introduced John Constantine, set the stage for Sandman, and essentially birthed Justice League Dark. Not bad for a 44 issue run!

    1. could you recommend me some books that have less stuff to read than majority of good comics(got books when i wanna read full pages of text…)
      much preferred if not romance or superhero genre
      also the better the art the more i luv it .

      thanks in advance

      swamp thing would be in category i hate since art sucks and it feels like superhero comic(not sure if it is) and the amount of reading is a bit too much (i speak about the old swamp thing here the new one seems better)

  4. I like that you said “if you’re X-Men fans, check Teen Titans out, because they’re kind of the X-Men of DC”, it’s such a good feeling, to find people who don’t want DC an Marvel fans to fight, but trying instead, to bring them together… #stoptheMarvelDCwar

  5. Love the list! Awesome job! But…
    If you haven’t read Maus or Persepolis or Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, then read them immediately! Such great novels that made me realize how graphic novels can really shape your story telling!
    Wrote 3 papers for each of those novels for my analysis class back in high school lol

    1. It might have good writing… but damn is the artwork for that is TRASH… why even call it a graphic novel. The graphics are AWFUL lmao

  6. I love your enthusiasm, seeing so much negativity surrounding comics, it is nice to see a video like this!

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