45 thoughts on “10 X-Men Graphic Novels You Must Read Before You Die”

    1. X-tinction Agenda definitely, Cables first crossover and the last gasp of the New Mutants before X-Force took over.

    1. @GoddessOfWhim2003 Possibly.. but I need more diversity than yet another all white leads superhero team. Especially with X-Men who are filled with awesome characters of color.

    2. @bitca222 I don’t understand this mentality. Aside from the fact that all Marvel teams are quite varied in culture and skin colour, I don’t understand the focus on skin colour. Do you think that just because the original 5 have white skin they represent me because I do too? Do you think that just because Storm has black skin she represents all or most black people? She’s Kenyan-Egyptian, and her character has nothing to do with the African-American, Jamaican, Haitian, or any other North American experience. Part of my background is German, but I feel no connection to Nightcrawler, not because he’s blue but because he’s Christian and I’m very not Christian. You should try to connect more with characters’ personality and behaviour and less with their skin colour.

  1. I would add X-men “Supernovas” to this Rouge leads a team with Cable, Sabertooth, Lady Mastermind, Cannonball, Mystique, Iceman and some others that I can’t remember….it is a fantastic read.

    1. Hell yes. That’s one of my favorite stories ever and I’m sad I don’t still have the issues.

  2. I’ve read most of these. Still haven’t gotten to Age of Apocalypse. I will at some point. Great video as always.

    1. @thakatspajamaz if by great they mean makes no sense despite repeated retcons, then I guess they would be right

    2. Totally agree. Morrison’s run was trash (and do not get me started on that Phoenix egg crap). Whedon was a breath of fresh air. His book was familiar, fun, and enjoyble. And Cassady’s art was great. Quitely’s was utter garbage.

    3. Morrison’s X-Men is top notch. Sure not everyone is going to get it so need the dumb down book like astonishing X-Men but new X-Men is incredible.

  3. Watching this made me want to re read some of these and check out the others for the 1st time (+)

    1. ddsq2 WandaVision is my hopes on that story. It’s the only thing that makes sense for having a 50s era sitcom with a perfect suburban family.

  4. The Fatal Attractions story is my favorite. Even though it was a short one it really impacted all of the X books for ten years

    1. Damnnn how did they miss out Fatal Attractions?? Easily my fave 90’s. Then it was followed by The Phalanx Covenant and Legion Quest before getting into AOA. That was a good time for X-comics

    2. The scene where Jean is desperately trying to hold Logan together after Magneto removed his adamantium is burned into my memory.

  5. The whole Claremont’s run should be mandatory for any comic book reader. The real father of the X-men

  6. Your Top Ten is pretty dead on. I just don’t agree with the order. The Dark Phoenix Saga gets move credit then it deserves. It absolutely is Top Ten just not #1 “God Loves, Man Kills” absolutely, without question deserves the top spot.

    People who hate the X-Men could read only that story and admit to themselves it’s a great story, deserving of all the praise you can give it. That story is as fresh today as when I 1st read in in the 80’s because the theme, art and character development in the story is top notch. You don’t have to know a single X-Men or anything about mutants or Marvel comics in general to totally appreciate that story.

    That’s why it deserves top billing.

  7. I personally am a fan of the Muir island saga involving the x-men and x-factor battling the shadow king. Plus this lead into my fav x-men era of the blue and gold teams. Also when I became an x-men fan which the timing does connect with the 90’s x-men cartoon lol. The 90’s x-men cartoon is the best version of the x-men we have seen to date on the screen.

  8. My personal favorite stories are: X-Tinction Agenda, Inferno, The Muir Island Saga, The Phalanx Covenant (particularly the X-Factor/X-Force/Excalibur chapter) Legion Quest, a majority of the 90s X-Force run (I prefer when Cable ain’t there), Amazing X-Men (that series was too short), and the New Mutants in Asgard… The second time.

    Also, I pretty much agree with this list, I would just switch the positions of a lot of these.

  9. My tops are Uncanny X-Force by Remender, Astonishing X-Men by Whedon, New X-Men by Morrison, X-Men First Class by Parker, and X-Men 1 by Jim Lee

  10. John Byrne deserves more credit. He wasn’t just Clearmont’s penciller he Co plotted the iconic X-Men stories. The X-Men weren’t as good before or since so Byrne was the X factor (pun intended).

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