AlphaOmegaSin’s Comic Book Collection (Graphic Novels – Manga)

Here it is, my huge comic collection … well the comics and also manga at the very least. All my private comics remain in boxes lol Still hope you take pleasure in:D.

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20 thoughts on “AlphaOmegaSin’s Comic Book Collection (Graphic Novels – Manga)”

  1. i actually have held off on those cause I wanted first printings of em all. I have read em all cept Sin City

  2. i genuinely have only seen them once when i was out and they wanted full price for em so i passed. i do wanna get them though, especially since as of right now i’m nearing episode 500 of the anime 0___0

  3. I don’t sadly : I wanna get that and a few of the books where they envision Batman as a vampire in some of the elseworld comics. Was pretty neat stuff

  4. I absolutely agree, hell I go out of my way to find anything that he writes in the batman comic world just because he’s so creative.

  5. I’ve only read the first issue, seen all the episodes of the animated series though and loved the hell out of it

  6. There’s a lot to go with but I would say Year One and Dark Knight Returns are a good place to start. Then move onto other books like The Killing Joke, Blind Justice, and Knightfall. There’s plenty of others but that’s a good start

  7. I got back into comics after i see people online like comics so i felt that i wasn’t alone and that i can get them online. It’s better to collect them in trades aka graphic novels in my opinion. 

  8. No Kingdom Come? All-Star Superman? Superman: Red Son? Superman: Birthright? and pretty much other important Superman books. But I gotta say man, you have a pretty amazing Batman collection 😀

  9. Really enjoy this video, I keep coming back to it for reference – I’m slowing building my own Batman collection with this as a handy guide 😀

  10. Alpha’s kind of the reason I got back into comics. I’ve slowly started to accumulate a small collection of my own. So far my focus has been Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. I have a few volumes of Spiderman, Captain America, Captain Marvel/Ms Marvel and Superman wedge in there as well.

    PS. You have got to do an updated room and shelf tour some time, Alpha.

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