1. Next time you make a video about the books you’ve been reading you should include a graphic novel recommendation. I am now dead curious about the authors you like and the novels you’ve read and enjoyed. Nice of you to share your work.

  2. Super interesting! I’d love to see more about your writing process and also more specifically to other aspects of the making of this graphic novel!

  3. You don’t believe in inspiration… That’s worth an episode on itself :). Many other things you said as well by the way. Very interesting.

    1. It is a very common theme as I listen through “Daily Rituals: How Artists Work” again. Many many many people profiled in the book “don’t believe in inspiration” and they all have their little things they do to keep them moving instead (like Ed’s pomodoros which btw are fantastic!).

  4. Thanks for all the explanations. It’s very helpfull. I love graphic novels and I’m really courious to read it.

  5. Can you make a video about “how do you shoot fast without a light meter” i saw it when u shoot with your M3 .. i can’t really trust the sunny16 rule , i wish u can give as advise .. i use my phone but its not fast

    Thank you for the amazing videos you made

  6. If only I could just jump through the screen and kiss you on the cheek! This was very helpful to me and my process. Thank you.

  7. Great video. I was trying to figure out how to jump from novel format to graphic novel format. You have been extremely helpful. Thanks

  8. I know it’s an older one but thanks so much for making this video. I currently have a graphic novel project in progress (about to start the scripting phase) and it was really nice to see that I’m not the only one who does present-tense chapter descriptions before getting into the real writing. I always get weird looks for having what I consider just a very detailed outline, and I’ve never heard of it being called a “treatment” before. I always just called it my outline or “pre-writing”. Anyway, thanks for sharing your methods and advice! I hope to have my own graphic novel ready to go in the near future.

  9. I’m SO curious about how you write dialogues, how you keep them interesting and fresh. Maybe that’s an idea for a new video? I would rewatch it several times for sure :)!

  10. i’m 13 right now, but when i grow up, i want to make a graphic novel. I’ve already started drawing and have been writing more 🤠🤠

    1. Keep it up if you enjoy it! Never let other people stop you with negativity. Try to use criticism as a constructive outlet to learn about how to make things more appealing. But if its just for you do your thing and do it big.

  11. Thanks so much! This was very enlightening and eye opening especially the treatment. How do you usually approach the process of making dialogue more interesting?

  12. Oh man, this is fantastic. you have covered so many aspects of the process, the background and so much more. Loved it so much

  13. This was really helpful. I’ve been trying to write this graphic novel for years. The story is burned in my mind, I have just been having trouble organizing it on paper. Thank you for giving me the hints i needed to move forward.

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