Dark Nights: Metal – The Graphic Novel Arrives! (:30 version)

Currently readily available as a full collection of comics! The epic comics group of Scott Snyder and also Greg Capullo rejoin for a wild trip across the recently uncovered Dark Multiverse that will transform the face of the DC Cosmos for years to come. Strap yourself in … this book rocks!

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37 thoughts on “Dark Nights: Metal – The Graphic Novel Arrives! (:30 version)”

    1. @Jake Bryant, I got JUST the cast for them

      Barbatos: Bruce Greenwood
      The Batman Who Laughs: Troy Baker
      Dark Robin: Scott Menville
      The Dawnbreaker: Rino Romano
      The Devastator: Robin Atkin Downes
      The Drowned: Kari Whalgren
      The Merciless: Michael Ironside
      The Murder Machine: Roger Craig Smith
      The Red Death: Michael Dobson

    1. They’ll have to chop Daniel out unless Sandman gets an adaptation first. Otherwise it’ll be hard to explain him.

    1. @Raptur Jragon you are the dumbfuck here we are not talking about the nolan trilogy we are talking about current DC universe is lacking all because they try to rush things off

    2. @Yeah KeeN meh, batman was the one to polish the combat system and is the one to put superheroes games where is at now

    3. DC fans aren’t floating DC videos with dumb comments about movie trailers and are not disliking informative video about current comics because of that. But we all know who does that.

  1. DC as a comic book industry is good at what comic industry should be:in making great comics with great stories.

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