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I travelled to Hastings to hang out with Fran & chat regarding some graphic novels we've checked out just recently! Fran:

Instagram: @frannerd

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Enjoyable House by Alison Bechdel.
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Anya's Ghost by Vera Brosgol.
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Space Dumplins by Craig Thompson.
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This Set Summertime by Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki.
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Where is your accent from?
I was birthed and also increased in the Netherlands, researched English Literature at Leiden College (additionally in the Netherlands), examined in the United States for 3 months and also had lots of American good friends, therefore the strange accent. I'm most definitely not Irish or Canadian, I assure!

Where do you live?
I stay in London as well as have actually been below for 3.5 years currently.

Where do you function?
I'm a Social Network Manufacturer at Penguin Random Residence UK.

Just how did you enter into publishing?
I did publishing job experience on 3 different celebrations, did a lot of networking and also discovered everything I know about social networks from producing as well as running this channel for 7 years. (P.s. You don't necessarily need to examine Posting or English to get a task in posting!).

Can you assess my book?
I can not assure that I will, but if you 'd like to get in touch, please take a look at my testimonial policy on the 'About' page of my channel.

What do you utilize to film?
I have a Canon 60D with a Tokina 11-16 lens (which is very valuable if you want to rest close to your cam as well as still get a large shot) and I utilize a window as my natural lighting. I modify my video clips in Last Cut X.

20 thoughts on “Graphic Novels w/ Frannerd | Fun Home, Anya’s Ghost & More | Booksandquills.”

  1. I hate to be that person, but Jillian Tamaki is actually the illustrator for This One Summer, and Mariko Tamaki is the writer. I’ve read Skim by them, and also Jillian Tamaki’s web-comic-turned-graphic-novel Super Mutant Magic Academy, which I would highly recommend. She also did the cover art for the Penguin Graphic Classic Deluxe Edition of Les Miserables! I LOVE Jillian Tamaki’s artwork and can highly recommend her!

  2. oh wow, i love both your channels so seeing you both in the same video is such a nice surprise! i’ve been planning on reading “this one summer” for a while, hopefully i can check out the other books in my nearest library as well 👍

  3. I’ve recently been into graphic novels and seeking lots of recommendations! Are you my mother? by Alison Bechdel is also amazing (mostly dealing with her relationship with her mother, psychoanalysis and all). Blankets is my all time favorite!

  4. Oh my gosh! What a great surprise!
    I love Fran’s art! 💗
    Love the recommendations and I’ll be sure to check them out! 😊

  5. “It’s difficult to know where to start, with regular novels you start with the classics” -> I have great trouble with this too! I loved your tips Sanne on try some popular stuff, and read a bit then put it down if you don’t like it. “Walking into a library blind picking at random” is basically how I feel, but good to know you can keep at it and (re)learn what you like ❤

    My partner reads a lot so while i have a big selection to try i tend not to like the ones they likes tho :/

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