Gravity Falls Is BACK As Graphic Novels! What to Expect In This New Series

Are you excited for the RETURN of Gravity Falls in visuals unique kind?


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49 thoughts on “Gravity Falls Is BACK As Graphic Novels! What to Expect In This New Series”

  1. This is so amazing! I knew that Gravity Falls would come back eventually, and in a comic? Amazing!

    1. Oh wow I can’t believe you actually tricked me to loose 45 seconds to see the same joke that died with Jesus

  2. I got to be honest dude you’re pretty late to this party.
    On a side I really hope they continue from where they left off in the series

    1. The Otaku Dragon Slayer, watch vailskibum94’s video. it goes into details on what stories could be continued

    2. Charles The destroyer
      last I checked being two days late for anything is pretty late

  3. this is probably the best way for Gravity Falls to come back. a movie or another season would just be criticised by the fanbase

    1. Ktfinns The Gamer I would like all of the above. Please don’t judge… I NEED GRAVITY FALLS,

    2. Another season probably would… I doubt a movie would. I think a movie is still very possible but probably not for another few years (Alex says in a recent tweet he’s currently working on a secret movie, so, theorists, do want u want with that)

    1. Ola Ide Oh today has been a shitty day for so I went to play minecraft and this news on gravity fall is not going to make up for it

  4. What’s exciting about this to me is that Hirsch wouldn’t be doing it unless he thought it would be good for the story.

  5. wha? where’s Vox? I never seen a video without Vox before and I’m subbed for over a year I guess

  6. Probably the best way for GF to continue. Alex probably has no intention of working on a proper animated series ever again (dude evidently overworked himself), but moving on without his editorial control would’ve been a mistake.

  7. I think RetroNemo has found his calling.
    Vox is the theorizer and reviewer.
    Tom is the historian
    and Nemo is like the news anchor. Roundtable News with RetroNemo. Has a nice ring to it.

  8. *Written By:* Me!  *Drawn By:* Cool Artists!  *Read by:* You!  *More Info:* Eventually!   *Hotel:* Trivago!

  9. anyone else see this as the way Rick and Morty and gravity falls crossover? it could revolve around Ford and his dimensional adventures!

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