Introduction to Alan Moore | 4 Graphic Novels & Their Movie Adaptations

A long( ish) video where I present one of my favourite writer and his works.

LoEG Annotations:

V for Grudge:
From Hell:

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34 thoughts on “Introduction to Alan Moore | 4 Graphic Novels & Their Movie Adaptations”

  1. Had no idea about I guess his lesser known graphic novels. I’m so glad though, because I had watched League of Extraordinary Gentleman, and thought the movie was terrible, but wished it had been made into graphic novels, because it’d probably be awesome. Dunno why I didn’t do more research. But now I will check out! Thanks so much:)

  2. Great breakdown. V for Vendetta is my favourite of his. I have a hard time with Watchmen but that is mostly because I’m not familiar with most of the references that it makes to politics and culture. Lived in ignorance of the doomsday clock.

    Have you read Promethea?

    1. Thank you! The only reason I understand Watchmen (at all) is because I read it in an English class at Uni, so the references were explained to us. 

      I have not yet read Promethea, but it’s something I have been meaning to read for a while. 

  3. From Hell is magnificent, I love its ambition, scale and attention to detail. A guided tour of London by Jack the Ripper, how wonderful is that?!

    1. If you visit or live in London, be sure to do the Ripper tour. I was in London a few weeks ago whilst I was reading From Hell, so made sure to spent time in Spitalfields and had a drink in the Ten Bells. You get a real feel of what it was like back then. This is possibly my favorite Alan Moore.

  4. According to the genius himself, “Promothea” is the work he considers as his best…

  5. Alan Moore is the only celebrity to ever show up in one of my dreams and it’s happened multiple times. That’s unsettling when you consider that he identifies as a magician.

  6. So, I am working on a role playing game based on the Watchmen graphic novel. I am primarily interested in the history and background of the world itself, specifically along the lines of things like technology and where the fictional world diverges from ours. This is for a game that will be played with a small group of people and is not part of anything that will be published.

    I have not had much luck in locating world background or future history projection material. I have seen fan fictions and comparisons between the comic and the movie and analysis of the comic itself, but not really anything that present the behind the scenes background of the world itself. I would appreciate any information along those lines I have outlined. There has to be a forum with obsessed Watchmen fans who pieced together all the hints from the graphic novel to create a world history.

  7. A better way to describe LOEG: 18th Century Justice League made up of character from fiction writing.

  8. Impressive how movies on alan moore’s work are great until you actually read the books… then they became really bad.

    1. Even when the whole thing got changed. I REALLY liked V for Vendetta movie. It’s still a movie I watch now and then. They did a really good job with it.

    2. WATCHMEN movie is brilliant adaptation like first 300 and Sin City, actually it’s pretty comparable with Matrix, Dark Knight or Forrest Gump!;) It was the reason, why I’ve bought Alan’s comics – Watchmen, V, From Hell, Lost Girls, Killing Joke, Whatever happened to the man of tomorrow and all of his Swamp Thing <3

  9. i personally re read one of the Alan Moore Classics every year. i really recommend his swamp thing and miracle man. great stuff.

  10. “it is extremely violent… because it is dealing with prostitutes that are being murdered” LOL brilliant explanation

  11. man i always loveed moore’s work! but i never new he wrote watchmen! thats awesome now thinking about it you can totally tell it’s his work and way of story telling if that makes sense… thanks for the info deff giving your video a like and thumbs up!! im now a subscriber

  12. His work on Superman is also impressive such as for the man who has everything and whatever happened to the man of tommorow both were final Superman stories before pre crisis era.

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