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  1. A really good manga series is Pandora Hearts! It’s a bit long but the artwork is gorgeous in the later volumes and the story is just the most complex thing ever for a manga (I always think how it could be an amazing book) and the characters are not flat at all too! Another manga I love that’s really complex is Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) but that might not be for everyone. Still, definitely worth a try!

  2. ERASED!!!! Brandon yes!! Im so excited for you to read the manga , because it reqlly has a slit different ending. But you would not be disappointed .

    Also, I read all the manga you recommended besides” Royal battle””. Brandon , If you think Death Note was brutal . I recommned you to read tokyo ghoul, attatck on titan, and Tome .

    Orange was a great and beautifully painful to watch/read.

    Plus,Is it just me? Or was I the only one who was secretly hoping the second love interest still gets the girl?

  3. 21st Century Boys, JoJo Bizarre Adventure, Tower of God (WEBTOONS), Deadly Class, Oyasumi PunPun, Bastard (WEBTOONS), Monster, and Kimetsu no Yaiba are some recommendations I have for you.

  4. Omg yes, you mentioned Battle Royale! It’s so good! (And I agree with your opinion about it being better than the Hunger Games)

  5. Noragami is my first manga. The anime was soooo go that after watching season two I decided to read the manga. It did not disappoint. I would suggest Noragami to anyone. Its just all around a good anime and manga.

  6. Tintin is the reason I fell in love with reading, my Dad has all of them and the whole family bonds over them 💕 The animated tv show was really close too! I’d def say five is okay lol although parts of it went over my head at that age 😂

    If you have any interest in superheroes, DC Bombshells and Superman:Secret Identity are some of my faves. And Asterix is always good for a laugh as well!

  7. You have many of my favorites on the list – Death Note, Erased, Locke and Key, Tintin are all my favorites. Great video!

  8. i recommend wicked lovely: desert tales since i never here anyone taking about this series and it’s pretty amazing and needs to be talked about more

  9. a silent voice is my favorite manga/anime book. i don’t have the full series but it’s really amazing! it’s also a netflix movie. i got it from barnes and nobles!

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