Manga Studio Webinar: Creating the Dreamside Graphic Novels using Manga Studio

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Provided By: David Cumbo, Prize-winning artist, author and illustrator

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Join musician David Cumbo in this 1-hour webinar as he shows to you his workflow for creating Dreamside, his perfectly detailed trilogy of comics, using Manga Studio. He will give you a general introduction of the tools he made use of and also show you exactly how he went from harsh creation of a web page to final layout. David will additionally discuss just how he makes use of 3D documents import for referral and demonstrate how he added detail as well as shade to his web pages. The webinar concludes with a brief Q&A session where questions are addressed.

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Concerning the Presenter:
David is an acclaimed computer animation filmmaker, pre-visualization musician, as well as author/illustrator with over ten years of experience in the video game and computer animation markets.

David finished from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2003. His pupil film Fragile was included in Computer animation Publication's Leading Ten Pupil Attracts the Nation feature. The movie was a finalist in both the 2004 Student Academy Honors for Finest Animated Movie and also the 2005 Online Film Festival. He has benefited industry-leading toy business Fisher-Price, New Era Cap, and computer game development workshops including Insomniac Gamings and also Wayforward Technologies. At Insomniac, he contributed to ten games as both an animator and also motion picture musician. Amongst them were numerous titles in the well-known Cog and Clank collection as well as the upcoming Sundown Overdrive published by Microsoft Video game Studios.

In 2014, David left full time work to commit his time to the advancement of Dreamside, a trilogy of comics. He created D.M. Cumbo, LLC to function as a platform for launching Dreamside as well as a host of future copyright. David proceeds his relationship with Insomniac developing Decrease, Bull, the studio's very first title to include live-streaming development.

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37 thoughts on “Manga Studio Webinar: Creating the Dreamside Graphic Novels using Manga Studio”

  1. Truly a fantastic webinar, packed with helpful info! Thanks for doing this, love your style and workflow!

  2. You can use vector layers when making contours by dragging the line tool, adjusting the “snap” you can easily get one continuous line without break.
    Software will try to weld/snap ends of the lines together. This is very useful and fast.
    Also you can use “outline” effect found in “layer properties”, also quick way to outline an object, this line however cannot be edited (thickness,shape and position).

  3. Haven’t fully watched it yet, but I intend to as soon as possible. Looks like the whole video is packed with info.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I missed this one drat it all, but the video and links made up for it. David, your story is incredible, and there was a lot of usefull information in this webinar. Thanks.

    1. Thanks so much! Glad you like Dreamside. I’m creating a follow-up video that will address unanswered questions from this Webinar (we got a lot). I’ll be hosting the video on my channel so stay tuned.

    1. @Vivian Diggs Vivian, if you look in the navigator tab (which can be opened by clicking “window” then “navigator” in the top menu), toward the bottom right is the flip horizontal button. Hover the mouse over the buttons until the context sensitive text reveals the right one. Manga also allows you to assign that button to the toolbar for easier access. Further, I believe you can assign the function to a hotkey, so you can just hit a button to make it flip.

  5. Hi, I have a question, I draw in manga studio, when I want to resize the drawing (i mean a big drawing to smaller one) pixels shrink. Drawing loses actual resolution. What am I doing wrong? Thank you.

    1. +Nadarajan Velu check out my channel. I’m starting a series of weekly videos showing various aspects of my book’s production.

  6. bonjour j’suis dég tu dessine trop bien comment est-tu . aussi doué pour l’art numérique
    j’adore ton style continu de m’énerver par ton talents , tes dessins sont trop classes

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