Top Ten Batman Graphic Novels

I display my leading ten preferred Batman graphic novels. Please leave me a remark and allow me know what your top 10 favorites are. Please subscribe for even more top 10's, lets plays, evaluations, as well as all kinds of nerdy videos!

10. Batman: Gotham Region Line
9. Arkham Asylum
8. Batman: Haunted Knight
7. Scarecrow Stories
6. Knightfall: Broken Bat
5. The Man Who Laug. Hush
3. The Long Halloween
2. The Killing Joke
1. Batman: Year One

21 thoughts on “Top Ten Batman Graphic Novels”

  1. Aww come on man you have to include the dark knight returns……. That’s simply a classic

  2. I just recently got Dark Night Returns and Strikes Again but I haven’t had a chance to read either yet.

  3. Yeah, I heard it’s really good. I’m pretty backlogged at the moment, have a lot of stuff to read and not enough time to read them haha.

  4. Nope, haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. Played the game though and it was amazing, best game I’ve played in years.

  5. I own it but still haven’t gotten around to reading it. I keep getting side tracked with other books. Everyone keeps telling me it’s awesome, I really need to sit down and read it!

  6. So many people seem to love Haunted Knight. I just can’t see its appeal. 
    I like your list, though. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I think “batman year 100” is pretty under rated. i dont hear a lot of people talk about it, but it’s probably one of my favorites since it breaks a lot of rules in the batman story.

  8. My favorite one is Year one too.  Dark Knight Returns my fourth favorite. I think.

  9. before watching this, i thought number one was going to be the Dark Knight Returns.guess i was wrong.

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