Alan Moore Interview – New Film, Watchmen & Graphic Novels

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Alan Moore talks with Red Carpeting News at the premiere of Program Parts at the 2014 Film4 Frightfest scary motion picture event in London at the Vue Movie Theater Leicester Square.

The five day celebration showcases the greatest and also strangest brand-new scary launches together with the most up to date hits as well as cult classics.
Providing followers with an one-of-a-kind party of the scary category. Look into our video clips for a lot more special meetings from this year's occasions.

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39 thoughts on “Alan Moore Interview – New Film, Watchmen & Graphic Novels”

  1. Its refreshing to see an artist who is past middle-age, who is greatly ambitious, and who instills excitement MORE so than many new faces on the scene. I respect that he is coming into a field (movies) that he is essentially untrained in, and is doing something new and different and trying to pull our eyes, even for a second, away from the mind-dumbing crap that fills our cinemas today. This man we need to watch.

  2. I like him but i hate how negative he is about comics i mean seriously chill and stop being so grouchy about it all.

    1. +MrChibiluffy He’s not grouchy. He’s just calling it what it is.

      It’s also quite impressive such comments are coming from a comic book writer – it means he has a very level-headed outlook on his work.

      Smart guy.

    2. PiCheZvara
      no he is not smart
      making a capeshit team out of heroes from 19th century novels and then call others hacks is not smart nor noble, and definitely not making a pron novel from a heroines of kids books.

  3. I take his negative words about comics as constructive criticism. It’s time for the term Graphic Novel to mean something.

    1. I know League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a parody and stuff but surely the whole point of that was to adapt characters from a different medium and transfer them into another, in a way that the original artists did not intend. Love Moore’s works but he really is a self-important hypocrite sometimes

    2. Marco Cardoni
      he really is pretentious hypocrite, just check out Lost Girls. So much for medium purist.

    3. Oh please. You don’t even understand why he thinks what he does. You’re criticizing the man from a position of willful ignorance. Hear what the man has to say about the nature of the comic book medium and the nature of the film medium. Hear what he has to say about his own firsthand experiences with both Hollywood and DC comics. The man has very good reasons for believing what he does, and you’re content to dismiss him as a self important hypocrite while being intellectually dishonest. Amazing.

    1. @wolfhowlin That I knew. Sad. Although he seems like a weird and tough person, he really got destroyed by his greedy bosses.

    2. Schuky9
      he is not got “destroyed”, he signed contract and he did everything according it and recieved check after that. This is how stuff works in real life, no more or less.

    3. Nope, they screwed him. They said he’d get merch money, then called it “promo money.” They also let him believe he’d get the rights to Watchmen back — maybe he was too trusting, but they abused that trust

  4. Alan’s dislike for the comic book industry is really down to how shabby he feels the big two treat artists and writers. He should be applauded for it. He also is incredibly ambitious to turn the art form into something more than superheroes. Again, this is something he should be applauded for

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