24 thoughts on “BEST GRAPHIC NOVELS”

  1. Seeing you’ve read Death Note, I highly recommend you read/ watch Attack on Titan. It literally changed my life. I know that’s kind of weird to say about stuff like this but now I see the world and humanity in a whole different way. They’re a lot of themes like friendship, right and wrong, hope, decisions, will, sacrifice and just a ton of complex stuff like that. Also, it has one of the best (my top 3 actually) cast of characters. Very different and deep personalities and a lot of character development.

    I really think you should check it out. I watched the anime first and now I’m all caught up in the manga and its really amazing.

    1. I’ve had people recommend Attack on Titan to me before- kind of worried about all the hype! Is it on Netflix? I’ll try to start it this weekend.

    2. +S I have to agree. Attack on Titan is an amazing series! I loved the anime, it was brilliantly done and the stories are amazing. Definitely worth checking out.

  2. All of these sound amazing, I’m especially interested in Nimona because I think I’ve been following the creator of it on Tumblr for quite some time. I’m trying to get into comic books/graphic novels so my book Christmas list will be unusually long this year lol

  3. I was just thinking how I want to read more comics and graphic novels and now I have more than I can handle! Great video:)

  4. Thank you for doing one on graphic novels!  One of my favorite genres of all time!  Since you went to comic con, I’m going to ask, have you read the Walking Dead graphic novels?  In all black and white and much more gruesome than the show.  Also, love that you put Battle Royale on here!  One of the best stories ever!

  5. I just finished Nimona, and it was amazing, my favourite graphic novel yet. I was definitely surprised at how dark it got, but I loved how everything turned out, just so good.

  6. Ahhh, Beth, Hershel and Spike!! Awesome, Emily 🙂 everyone is so nice at these conventions.
    Great selection here. I’m reading Saga, which is fantastic, and have to try Y: The Last Man. Watchmen was the first GN I ever read and it blew me away. DeathNote is also very good.

  7. Cute personality and thanks for the video. I like the list of graphic novels. I just got into them and I’ve enjoyed the few I’ve read, but I’ve been watching these videos to see what types I’d be interested in.

  8. Thank you for making this video! There aren’t enough videos about well-liked graphic novels! You picked a lot of good ones. Saga is really good!

  9. Most of these graphic novels are included in my list of favorites too! I wish I could see some of them make it to the big screen one day!

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