55 thoughts on “Comic Book & Graphic Novels Sales Decreased in 2018…WE BLOODY TOLD YOU SO”

    1. I wouldn’t pay money to read that trash, hell I’m not even trying to read them for free. I have better things to do with my time.

    2. I think as per some numbers thrown about on the net the digital comic sales is stagnant for years at around 110 million dollars

  1. Wait…you mean people dont want to read comics like capt marvel #1 vol 7 where Carol fights misogyny and all the male heroes emotionally validate her? Huh. Weird

    1. When stuff like that became the crux of modern comics is when things really went to hell. Who wants to read badly-done-liberal-after-school specials?

    2. Japan is just laughing to bank, Marvel continues to let these idiots make comics for them, no one wants this garbage don’t shove your shitty politics into comics, make a dam good story instead.

  2. Insanity-
    “Re-publishing squirrel girl, captain marvel, and sina grace’s iceboy as a new #1 repeatedly after financial failure and expecting success”


    1. I don’t think they even expect success anymore, those titles are virtually just ‘protection money’ for SJWs these days.

    2. They could even continue doing so, and with little customer backlash, if they’d not hire cheap lunatics to break the titles people actually want to buy. Titles like The Gay Adventures of Iceman or Squirrel Girl could be sold at a loss for ideological reasons and nobody would care if the real comics were good.

  3. In the 80’s and 90’s In my high school the 3 of us that were comics fans were mocked endlessly. Today in my home town everybody loves Marvel movies. This should be the Best selling era of comics ever.

    1. Yep. We live in a time where normies can instantly identify Loki, Groot, and Doctor Strange. This would have been unheard of ten years ago. Comics should be appealing to a huge audience and they aren’t. This should be a humiliating failure for the creators, but they don’t even care.

    2. Chris W I maybe misremembering; but I remember an article about Iron Man books becoming big sellers after the first movie. The article called Tony a B level character. That blew my mind. But then he was adopted, blue step brother, Riri nobody cares again.

    3. @TheKyrix82 It’s kinda funny, but back in the day nerds were mocked and ridiculed for liking comics, now they are mocked and ridiculed by those same people for liking the same thing.

    4. @HustleKing BFG Unfortunately I believe they have to die first. The industry needs to die so it can be rebuilt from the ground up.

    5. Try growing up in Brazil in the 80s/90s and being a big nerd… Actually, to this day, I hate being called a nerd. Also, in Brazil we have much worse words for nerds/geeks

  4. I personally think that amazing spider-man still sucks.
    peter is still written like a man child loser that never get´s to do anything cool nor any respect.
    and their is still no sexy artwork or escapism that made spider-man fun

  5. The crazies didn’t cause the downward slide of the industry (it’s been happening for at least 15 years) but they sure as hell sped it up. It’s really sad to think that this industry that’s been around for nearly 100 years might cease to exist in the next decade (or become so small that it may as well not exist)

    Just getting rid of the extremists won’t save the business. It sure as hell will help staunch the bleeding, but something else needs to change. I don’t know what it is or how it can be done, but American comics in their current form can’t keep going on business as usual.

  6. Libraries are the biggest buyers of graphic novels. They stuffed the shelves with Squirrel Girl and Jane Thor and no one checks them out.

    1. My public library keeps them in a Young Adult room and ALL the titles are well-worn. That reading room actually has young people READING! (The rest of the library is mostly free WiFi access.)

    2. Here’s why sales are down: CW and Netflix, etc. run superhero TV shows for FREE. IF a teen or young adult has a job, it’s probably part-time for net $5-10/hr. These people are NOT doing better under Trump, as almost all the tax break went to the upper class.
      WHY/HOW are they going to be able to buy the 25 titles a month I bought back in the 70’s & 80’s? With all the crossovers, just to follow a single story arc would simply cost them too much!
      Solutions? Probably digital subscriptions, as eliminating the costs of printing and distribution and using that savings to reduce the cost of the subscription could attract and hold a lot of teen and young adult readers.

  7. Let’s continue with quotes from The Dark Knight-Triology
    It’s not about the money. It’s about sending a message!

  8. I have a confession. I haven’t bought comics in 3 months. I’m so sick of spending $4 an issue on comics where they blatantly hate me.

  9. 21:21 ” Trump is probably not going to get re-elected.” A bottle of Maker’s Mark Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey says he does?

    1. The left has continued to spiral into ever deeper insanity, AND they still have no one to put forth to run that is a viable candidate. Unless there are voting sheganigans, Trump is around for another term.

    2. @Garrumx Agreed. I think, “voting shenanigans” are firmly in control. I reference the Dems holding the ball, and looking like dicks, after they “won” the house.

    3. All the left has done in the last 3 years is screech, accuse, and assault people. They’re polarizing their own party.

    4. Captain Marvel becoming the face of Marvel Comics says he doesn’t. Not a bet, just an eventuality. A sign of the inevitable.

  10. Zack, I’m going to disagree with you on 1 point. It’s not that the hundreds of thousands of dollars that went to you and Ethan “Would” have gone to Marvel and DC but “COULD” have gone. With bad stories and a general mistreatment of fans the money you raised was never destined to go to the them.

  11. I shall now attempt my best Michael Caine impression:

    “One day, I saw a child playing with a vintage X-Men comic. Marvel had been throwing them away. You see, some people in this world aren’t looking for anything logical. They can’t be taught, hired or reasoned with. Some people just want to be ‘Woke’.”

  12. But… but… Ms Marvel magical digital sales and manga gonna save the industry. All the shekels you throw at Shonen Jump, a japanese publisher, are gonna keep american comics alive. Logic!

    More seriously though, brace yourself for more comic book shops to disappear. People are about to lose their job ’cause a bunch of politically rotten weirdos are entrenched everywhere in comics and don’t plan to change.

  13. The entire point IS the crash the industry, because it was something that boys and men enjoyed, looked up to, and was inspired by. The name of the game is Demoralization. “We took this thing you loved and made it ours” and it’s happening in every industry.

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