Find Your Next Read 🙌12 Graphic Novel Reviews.

Looking for your following graphic novel to pick up? Here's what I thought about the last 12 I review!

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24 thoughts on “Find Your Next Read 🙌12 Graphic Novel Reviews.”

  1. MARY is 1of the most beautiful Graphic Novels ever created & Mansour’s Film is 1of my 100 all time favorite. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. I saw the thumbnail and said “oh my god is that Heartstopper” – been following it online for a while. It’s so fluffy I love it. (Some not fluffy bits too but she’s so great with her content warnings.)

    Edit – I don’t remember if you’ve reviewed this already but have you read Nimoma by Noelle Stevenson? I got it as a gift and didn’t read it for a while and then I did and really liked it. Maybe you’ve checked it out already though!

    1. I read it ages ago and didn’t like it as much as I thought I would, but I’m thinking about giving it another read soon!

  3. Love Giant days on like vol 42 on Scrid, waiting for Saga volume 5 & 6 to be delivered so good, Heartstopper was lovely and have second on preorder,
    check out Goldie Vance teenager lesbian detective each volume is a different mystery but you have mostly same characters just being in new ones for that story so good just finished volume 4

  4. It was one of your videos that first introduced me to graphic novels (specifically through An Encyclopaedia of Early Earth) and now I love them! Looking forward to finding some more recommendations 🙂

  5. Of the ones that you’ve mentioned, I’ve read Monstress’, and while I see that it can be confusing I was kind of fascinated by it. It was sometimes on the line of being too brutal for me, especially the bits about torturing children, but I did like the story and the characters, so I might pick up the second one.
    ‘Heartstopper’ sounded awesome, so I will check that out!
    A graphic novel you might enjoy is ‘Witchboy’. It’s about a boy who grows up in a family where boys become shapeshifters and girls grow up to be a witches. Problem is that he is really into witchcraft! Fun comic about family relationships, friendship, and defying gender norms, with really gorgeous and atmospheric art.

  6. P.S.–Love your tulips in the background! I was recently looking up pictures of flowers (for Easter decorations) and was, as always, blown away by images of the tulip fields in The Netherlands. Hope your bouquet feels like a bit of home to you! <3

  7. See, halfway through a book is the best time to decide whether to abandon it or not 😛
    Excellent video as always, lots of new things I want to read! Just asked my library if they could order in all the remaining Saga series.

  8. Heartstopper is sooo good just sad it’s not available in my country but I have been reading it on tapas and always waiting for an update ❤❤❤

  9. Can I just say how much I admire the way you review books? Like, you’re so empathatic for everything that went into making these books and even when you personally don’t like it (like with Monstress, which I felt the sameway about) you don’t rip it apart and when you do like it you really show your appreciation. Just lovely to listen to you being kind to books <3

  10. I would be really interested to know if you have read Persepolis and if you liked it. It is non fiction but it was so good! Also a graphic novel obviously.

  11. I’d never heard of _Nightlights_ before, it sounds interesting and the art you showed from it looks gorgeous – will check it out!

  12. Great recommendations ! Getting graphic novel from the library is such a good idea; I love graphic novels but they can be quite expensive so it’s great to have the opportunity to read them before deciding if you want to buy the whole series !

  13. i watched that video you made with ariel bissett ages ago and when you recommended death or ice cream i bought it because it seemed very interesting. i ended up LOVING it and i was just thinking about how no one ever mentioned this book on booktube before (to my knowledge). ive been meaning to start watching your videos ever since then for more amazing book recs and im glad i finally did,, im excited to read all the great books im discovering through you!!

  14. Totally agree with you on Monstress. I was just lost reading it. Never had that before with a comic book…..

  15. I want to love monstress so much but I couldn’t even get through the first volume either :/

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