Magic Leap & The Future of Graphic Novels | Madefire x Dave Gibbons

The new Madefire spatial publishing system makes it possible for musicians like Dave Gibbons and various other makers to make spatial computer experiences for Magic Jump now, without coding capabilities needed.

The authoring tool enables quick model from layered art files to blended fact in superhero rate. Read, discover, experiment, and also build spatial experiences with Madefire on Magic Jump One.

Try it currently at xr-create. and also download the app in Magic Jump Globe today.

29 thoughts on “Magic Leap & The Future of Graphic Novels | Madefire x Dave Gibbons”

    1. @Yusuf Deen You’re right. First product on the market is a version where they let the consumer build the software and bring the idea’s. Greatest trick ever pulled.

    2. BtotheDtotheF it’s literally a public facing development kit. PlayStation also gives developers Dev Kits all the time. Are you fucking stupid

  1. Nice Library Dave, I’d like to spend a couple of years in there. It looks like the Artists version of the Citadel.

  2. Madefire is clumsy and difficult to use. Bad GUI. There are easier ways to get a workflow done. Also Madefire has ZERO effects. I wouldn’t touch that app EVER again. Besides, comics are better in VR than AR.

  3. Magic Leap, you are marketing a $2500 headset to children and Millenials. You better get with big data or this will be a fail.

    1. this is the reason why MS is still waiting for lower price. Director mentioned they are still planning to develop only for developer edition :l

  4. I came here to consider buying this device I read the comments and thank you I will wait for the Hololens 2

  5. Magic Leap … the technology bridge to nowhere. Sure wish it was a public company so I could short the stock. But the big loser investors will keep it afloat for another year or so before the submersion event. Best advice ever … move on from this wasted land.

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