10 Superheroes Who Look NOTHING Like The Comics (Wolverine, Deadpool and more!)

Below are 10 motion picture characters that look absolutely nothing like the comics! (Deadpool, Enchantress, Wolverine as well as even more!).
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Although it's not an universal regulation, as a whole, the very best superhero film adjustment are loyal to the comic books they're based on – and that includes in regards to the character visual appeals. The likes of Spider-Man, Iron Male, Batman as well as Superman have always a minimum of heavily resembled their comics counterparts when they have actually shown up on screen, for example.However, for different factors, a number of characters in superhero flicks have been hardly identifiable in terms of their physical look when compared to the resource product. In most cases, this causes a follower backlash – which type of makes you ask yourself why the movie-makers assumed it was an excellent idea to transform the way they look in the first place.' In this video clip, we'll take a look at several of the most severe examples. Right here are ten superhero flick characters who look absolutely nothing like the comics.

Script by: Kevin Stewart @KevJStewart.

Voice Over by: David Macri.

Edited by: Martin B. @HandCraftedCine.

Lex Luthor|2:29.
Medical professional Doom|3:03.
Aldrich Killian|4:48.

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73 thoughts on “10 Superheroes Who Look NOTHING Like The Comics (Wolverine, Deadpool and more!)”

  1. those complaining about Hawkeye and Wolverine etc not wearing their iconic costumes. Those costumes would look fairly ridiculous in a live action movie. in my opinion

    1. Then the fantasy element is destroyed, superhero movies arn’t meant to be realistic and we have lost a little fantasy by making everything look ‘real’!!!

    1. @LC Listen Close Also You have to accept the fact that changes have to be made to seperate itself from the source material.

    2. Chris Carden everyone is saying how movie wolverine is nice..yet he was always still a bit cold and not very friendly to me in the movies!😂

  2. how is some supposed to look like comic book characters when the comic book characters have like 4000 biseps in one arm and like 50000 shoulder blades and is like 8000 feet *over exaggerated get over it*

    1. Lone Extreme Fire Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool are matches made in heaven.

    1. Agreed. That doesn’t count though apparently. Race change doesn’t detract from the original character design… Said no one ever. BTW the ultimate comics sucked and we need to forget they ever happened.

    2. I agree I liked the green and yellow costume he wore in the comic, with a few tweaks to modernise, they could have still used the lightning yellow mask and costume!!!

    1. I hate it when they change the look!!!!! Thor was clean shaven!!!!!…but in the movie he had a moustache and beard with the usual modern long hair, just to make him look now and hip!!!! I think It’s to copy the modern trends of the time and not keeping to the traditional art!!!!!

    2. Tracey Lamplugh yeah but Thor with a beard looks way cooler than the clean shaven look and you can’t really say otherwise

  3. Now make a superheroes movies charaters that look EXACTLY like the comics video. Tony Stark and Stephen Strange are on top of the list. They were born for the role

    1. Pain was so far off from the comic book. He was awesome but the joker was pretty far off from the comic book as well. But it seem more like they were focusing on marble

    2. @Jesse Collins I honestly think that, as the joker looks cool in the comics, he still looks awesome in the movie.

    3. @EgocentricHead just letting you know that wasn’t the Mandarin that was Aldrich Killian and I know that because the director even said that the real Mandarin is lurking in the MCU

    4. @Crazy Robert, you need to reconsider your knowledge, because the director never said that. He said the exact opposite. On the commentary track for Iron Man 3, he said that Aldrich Killian is the Mandarin of the MCU. And three years after the movie, he also said that the short film, which MCU released year after his movie, was nothing but an excuse to please fans and he had nothing to do with it. Read info, then talk, sir.

  4. Yo this vid is extremely incorrect Hugh Jackman is the perfect wolverine and Ryan Reynolds is the living embodiment of Deadpool

    1. Their talking about the deadpool it shows in the video. The one from the xmen show.
      The merc with the “sewn shut mouth”

    1. d_piyush Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool are matches made in heaven. They are difficult to be replaced or impossible as of now.

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