5 Marvel Comics Darker Than Infinity War

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. You assume INFINITY BATTLE was dark? Contrasted to WARNING, it's practically an episode of PAW Patrol.

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89 thoughts on “5 Marvel Comics Darker Than Infinity War”

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    2. @Real Frosty The Snowman the thing is that some minorities are discriminate against discrimination means the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex.

    3. @Real Frosty The Snowman yes just because there are a lot more hate against white people that doesn’t mean other people aren’t discriminated against but yes I agree there’s been a lot of hate towards white people

  1. I’ve had friends tell me they wished the MCU movies were darker. Then I explain that some of the comic story off-shoots (as listed here) will probably make regret that wish.

    1. WhiteWeb because they went from being dark like in Cristopher Nolan’s films to just being dark as their only selling point. I liked Wonder Woman and Aquaman was good. To me the other films have been meh

    2. It always had, you just fail to see it, example ronan smash a guy with his hammer and use its bloor as bath sleeping.

    1. I’m never going to be able to read “are you sure about that” without hearing and pronouncing it like John Cena would, ever.

  2. lol imagine if Tony got ripped in half in Endgame boy it would be that time when Juggernaut ripped Deadpool in half

    1. @TH3 R3AP3R Wow,calling someone an idiot despite not knowing the difference between your and you’re….

    1. @24pablox parents are still salty about Infinity war and endgame being too dark. they are wondering why they arent R rated
      i would’ve loved it too if it was even darker, but there are a lot of kids who love marvel,soo…

    2. @Penguin yes, Mjolnir is a God like hammer that can move at near light speed, if the movie didnt shy away from gore, the hammer would have no doubt turned Iron Man into either a donut, or would split in half

    3. @Gabe Stein it literally cant though, the most a PG-13 movie can show is a cut finger with a few drops of blood, anything more extreme than that and its either M or MA

  3. Y’all almost have a heart attack when thanos picked up tony in endgame

    Edit: thanks for the likes homie check out my other channel Why Not Us? Productions


    Did you guys notice in endgame that Thanos tried to cut tony in half when tony Steve and Thor were fighting thanos?

    1. @Sensei Finesse There is a difference between ripping a person and half and snapping your fingers killing half of the world… He is definitely just as dark just not as brutal.

  5. In the thumbnail, Thanos had to separate Iron Man in half equally to make it balanced like it should be

    1. I’m pretty sure they know it’s the darkest of them all but they don’t wanna risk demonetize and it really would be boring when it’s all censored

  6. Me: *Sees thumbnail*
    Also me: *_im going to pretended I didn’t see that_*

  7. “Hey guys im not feeling well currently, my grandpa just past away.”
    “Omg, our condolences. What happened exactly?”
    “Spiderman gave him cancer.”

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