5 Spider-Man Comics Darker Than Any Batman Story

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75 thoughts on “5 Spider-Man Comics Darker Than Any Batman Story”

    1. Wrestling2006 Xbox And so? What’s your point? I can reply to any comment I want, you’re not going to stop me from doing that, so stop acting like an immature child, because 4months ago wasn’t not a long time.🤦🏾‍♂️

  1. Dear God, 20% of this video is Tony standing around looking at the camera waiting for jokes to land. Stop it Tony.

    1. Literally Dorkly explanations would’ve been good if he:
      1. Doesn’t make cringy puns or any lame jokes for pussies
      2.Him being at the front of the camera at all

  2. Non of these are as dark as “Death Of The Family” “Death In The Family”
    “Death of Damien Wayne.”
    And “The Killing Joke”

    1. @Goldenkitten1 2 are the possibilities, or you’ve never read it or have serious problems understanding what you read. Choose.

    2. @ABRAR CHOWDHURY Which is a terrible thing. But I feel like society has this image of in their head because it happens so often that rape is the worst thing ever. It’s bad, it traumatizes a lot of people for life but I feel like the torture of Gordon was the real clencher but unfortunately it’s only covered in a small section and explored very unthouroughly, That’s why I’ll never get it, putting rape in your story no longer makes it dark because so many stories try the shock value of rape these days it doesn’t have the same impact a dark, grissly torture that didn’t look away from the bad parts would have been much more effectual.

    3. @Goldenkitten1 you did a similiar thing attributing the opinion of those who say that to their being fans. Your “opinion” is quite illogical considering the comic we are talking about, so it’s obvious that I point out the absurdity. It is obvious that I don’t like illogicism, especially when it’s defended with the question of subjectivity.

    4. @Oniric Demon And this is where I back out because you obviously want an argument and I’m not going to give you one.

    1. hey dude it’s comedy series they have to at least try to make jokes and if you look at the like to dislike ratio it works for most people.

    2. @Gee yeah but these “jokes” are wasting time, this video couldve been way shorter than 12mins, but of course he gets paid by kids like you who think hes funny

  3. “Darker than Batman”

    You do realize that in the new comics, Batman killed his entire bat family, turns children into mini jokers, poisons Superman and made him kill Lois Lane and proceeds to kill everyone on earth, then moves on to other Universes where he joined other Dark Knights that also massacred their own worlds to wreak havoc in the multiverse?

    1. Captain Shmarvel

      Kravens Last Hunt

      Ends Of The Earth

      Back In Black

      Dead No More/Clone Conspiracy

      I’m not too sure about that last one, however.

  4. Ben: I have been killed and brought back to life again and again and again it’s horrible

    Deadpool: AM I A JOKE TO YOU

  5. Peter: *Reveals his identity to the world*
    Everyone in his rogues gallery: *Goes after him and his loved ones*
    Peter: :O

  6. You know what’s the darkest Spider-Man story

    He’s still haven’t got his pizza in pizza time

    1. Ghxst Flash Yes, coming from me this is rich. If someone like me thinks something is cringey it probably doesn’t get much worse.

    1. Uncle ben: can you stop rebooting Spiderman? I’m tired of getting fucking shot!

      Wayne’s : that’s cute

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