Top 10 Batman Movies

You understand him as the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight or simply the Bat. Invite to and also today we're counting down our picks for Top 10 Batman Movies. For this checklist, top quality is the vital element so we're just checking out the absolute best of the Caped Crusader's canon. We're likewise exclusively focusing on films that feature Batman as the major character, so any kind of Justice League or Superman/Batman movies aren't quite what we're searching for today. Click here to subscribe: or visit our network page here: Likewise, have a look at our interactive Pointer Device at:-RRB-.

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80 thoughts on “Top 10 Batman Movies”

    1. Batfleck may have the costume but he is hardly true to comics you forget that batman actually killed people at the beginning or BvsS

    2. @nicamoq you need to read some of the earlier Batman comics. He originally carried a gun and had no problem killing people. That concept for The Bat came around much later.

  1. I would beg to differ that The Dark Knight Rises and Batman Begins are both better than Batman from 1989 . . . still a great list though


  2. I always laugh when I hear people saying that the Dark Knight Trilogy has plot holes.
    I really want to learn their opinion about BvS.

    1. @Montez Demarrco you saying the Martha part is stupid is literal proof that you didn’t understand the movie

    2. @Montez Demarrco are you 12? You as hell type like you are. Anyway, here’s an explanation to that scene: Batman saw superman is an all powerful god who could destroy anything he wanted. And for a moment, batman had him on his knees. A man had a god on his knees. Only, superman didnt beg for mercy, he only had one wish, which was for batman to save his mother, Martha. Batman hearing his mother’s name and seeing superman helpless and begging for his mother’s life took him back to the time where he was just a helpless boy standing over his parents’ dead bodies. And when Lois Lane, someone whom superman loved, rushed to the scene, batman changed. Seeing all this had changed his mindset. He suddenly no longer thought that superman was a dangerous god, and realized that he too was a good man who just wanted to help those he loved.

  3. 10. Batman: Year One
    9. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
    8. Batman Returns
    7. Batman: Under the Red Hood
    6. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
    5. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
    4. Batman (1989)
    3. Batman Begins
    2. The Dark Knight Rises
    1. The Dark Knight

    1. Guys have a brain think break down both dark knights rises and batman begins by the third film nolan felt comfatabke with what he was foing and that not only made the script better but plot and ending better how he put a little bow on the trilogy and finished it

    1. Real Englishman 😭 aww someone doesn’t like a movie it’s the end of the world grow up fanboy

    2. @Random Vlogs Aww go back to your stupid 1966 show that no one rembers . You are not covincing anyone here .

    3. Real Englishman Really insulting me with something I never even mentioned you fanboys of gotten stupider and for your information Adam wests Batman it’s still pretty well-known thanks to his references in family guy so you really can’t be saying anything now just stop you’re only Making yourself look like an idiot One more thing don’t like your own comment

    4. @Random Vlogs If I want to like my own comment I do it and there is nothing you can do and now give me a break and get out of here .

    5. @Random Vlogs The Dark Knight is the best movie and a lot of people think that so live with it and give me a break .

    1. @Ole School nah, Batman and Batman Returns were cinematic gold, especially at their times. We still hype them after 30 years, that tells something. Burton built a whole dark comic world, Nolan just went out to the streets of Chicago – which of course great as well considering that nowdays directors do not even leave the studio and the green room.

    2. @Straight Edge Punk Nope. I like Bale, he might be a better Bruce Wayne, but no way he is a better Batman than Keaton.

    1. Yeaaaa, when I watched it along with the dark knight trilogy, I just felt that the movie was good from every standpoint.

    2. The Dark Knight is an overrated movie..and in no way it’s a BATMAN movie, it’s actually a JOKER movie, with Batman being the Antagonist…

  4. The Fact that Batman 1989 is higher than Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises is just a joke !

    1. Nogamez who says GOAT still? You living in 2013? Why do you think superhero movies were campy as hell before 1989’s Batman? Superman 1 and 2 were garbage, and 1966 had Adam West’s Batman, which was more campy than a bunch of single person tents surrounding a bonfire with a stack of s’mores on a log. 89 Batman was the superhero movie that was meant to be taken seriously, and it was.

  5. I 100% agree The Dark Knight is not only the best Batman movie it is my favorite movie of all time

    1. @Bill Murray Batman 1989 is trash Micheal Keaton was bad as Batman . The Dark Knight Trilogy is a million times better than those stupid garbage Burton movies .

  6. I think bane is underrated as a villain and for that reason I would put dark knight rises at second

  7. “Can you imagine Luke Skywalker as the voice of the joker?”
    …I often struggle to imagine anyone else.

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