Marvel vs DC Comics

View as DC Comic books battles Marvel in this legendary superhero fight, starring Superman, Batman, Eco-friendly Spirit, The Joker, The Hunk and also many other heroes as well as villains from the comic series.

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  1. Batman is the best superhero, Joker is the best Villain, The Dark Knight is the best superhero movie, Arkham is the best superhero video game series.

    1. Correction
      Wolverine is the best superhero, Magneto is the best villain(actually Loki but idc it’s X-men), Logan is the best superhero movie

  2. For some reason I couldn’t stop laughing everytime superman beat someone. The funniest part was when he fucked up Carnage *twice* xD

    1. @Joan Girard marvel movies are good but its comics are bad.

      DC comic > Marvel comic
      DCEU < MCU DC Comic = MCU DCEU future = MCU future why would i say DCEU future is good? look at the *ending post credit scene of Justice League* *Deathstroke visits lex luthor* Lex Luthor : "Shouldn't we have league of our own?" this scene shows that, *Legion of Doom* is on the way. Members of Legion of Doom that already exist and are going to be introduced are : - Joker 2nd version (2016) - Joker 3rd version (2019) - El Diablo (2016) - Harley Quinn (2016) - Katana (2016) - Deadshot (2016) - Captain cold (2016) - Captain boomerang (2016) - Deathstroke (2017) - Deahtstroke (again in 2021) - Ra's al ghul (probably in 2021) - Sinestro (2011) - Sinestro (again in 2020) - Star sapphire (probably in 2020) - Riddler/Clayface/Catwoman/Penguin/(2020) - Killer Frost/Livewire/Power Girl (2021) - Reverse flash (2021) - Lex Luthor (2016) - Black adam (2020) - Black manta (2018) And probably upcoming Villains after Legion of Dooms : - Braniac - Granny Godness - Kalibak - Desaad - Darkseid - Crime syindicate(Evil version of Justice League) Crime syndicate comes from Earth-3 where everything is backwars compared to our earth. Crime syndicate's members : - Ultraman (Evil superman) - Superwoman (Evil wonderwoman) - Owlman (Evil batman) - Johnny quick (Evil Flash) - Grid (Evil cyborg) - Sea king (Evil aquaman) - Mazahs (Evil shazam) - Power Ring (Evil GreenLantern)

    2. DAVO CAMPBELL I mean like dark night isn’t too bad but you have admit the edits are terrible and it’s not interesting if its always a happy ending and stuff

  3. Hollywood panhandler battle: smelly rentals vs stolen costumes from the old Universal Studios Marvel parade.

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