Marvel vs. DC: Most Money Grossing Movies 1978 – 2019

Timeline history of all flicks from Wonder Comic books brand name versus DC Comic books brand beginning 1978 to 2019. Numbers stand for around the world gross earnings changed for ticket price inflation. Factor for numbers growing after first film release day is a lasting ticket price modification.


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Information resource: official movie-ticket sales records.

81 thoughts on “Marvel vs. DC: Most Money Grossing Movies 1978 – 2019”

    1. @Small TrashMan how can a movie not deserve its rating? People rate the movie and its their opinion if they will rate it with 5 stars or not. If the movie has good rating it means a lot of people liked the movie and rated it with a lot of stars.

    2. @Plague Doctor I actually did and him being serious doesnt account for the power difference smh

    3. @Plague Doctor Because there are objective standards to base a movie on. Deadpool is objectively worse than avengers. Deadpool is objectively worse than spiderman

    4. @Small TrashMan what do you mean? He didnt use his full strenght in infinity war. He mostly used the infinity stones. In end game he had his armor and his twin blade that even managed to destroy caps shield. He used his full brute strenght.

    5. Plague Doctor you call me immature yet we are arguing on YouTube for something that doesn’t matter. Sure buddy

    1. 1978 superman lasted in 1st place for years but then spiderman came out and took the spot in like a couple months

    1. @Giuseppe Zampino don’t blame marvel if DC can’t afford to make this kinda movies🤫
      And Also Marvel Is way lot better than All DC’s shits 🤣🤣💩

    1. it’s not about win, it’s about money grossing. I love DC. I respect Captain America. I hate rest of them(thrash).

  1. 6:04
    Aquaman: Ahahha Imma About to Ruin this ma-
    Avengers Endgame: RREEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Edit: Wow The Most Likes I Have Gained In my History

  2. DC: Long ago, Batman and Superman reigned together in harmony… but everything changed when MARVEL attacked.

    1. @fedorjmb shin Because they were more focused on TV Series not movies, wasn’t really up until Blade where they made movies.

    1. @Anson Pang what quality? 😂😂 I’ve watched all DC and Mcu movies. ofc DC superheroes are way too overpowered but MCU has more entertaining and fantastic storyline, which keeps them a level ahead of DC. It doesn’t matter who has stronger characters 😪

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