Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet: Full Story


The Infinity Onslaught is an American comic book published by Wonder Comic books. The story, composed by Jim Starlin as well as penned by George Pérez and Ron Lim, was initial serialized as a six-issue restricted collection from July to December 1991.

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90 thoughts on “Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet: Full Story”

    *Grabs Popcorn,grape soda, and a Spiderman onesie*
    Start the video, now!

    1. Marvels Legendarys the synthetic cheese used with nachos suck,popcorn obviously beats everyrhing(so does hot dogs,candy & Coca Cola smoothies)these are facts.

  2. Thanos: I’ll kill half the universe that’ll solve this problem!!

    Me: why not just make every resource infinitely replace itself in the same spot after a day

    Thanos: cuz death is hot asf

    Me: oh carry on

  3. thanos in the movie: “there are too many people in this universe, and not enough resources, i need the infinity stones to erase half of all life, that way, everyone in existence will have a better life, a life without want, a life with enough food”

    thanos in the comics: Swiggity Swooty, ima kill half yall fo dat booty.

    1. As much as they had to do to reach a much much wide audience with the emotional aspect, I really appreciate, but I will forever prefer the actual comics. In any case those who are really interested will probably delve into the comic world. But yeah! That’s pretty funny! I thought he did say something about seducing mistress death in the movies? Don’t remember haha

    2. UchihaEdgelord That’s how I know you don’t read or know much about history tons of conquerors were driven by similar emotions.

    3. Thanos’ motive in killing off half the universe is not to impress Death, despite that being the popular conception, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that since the true nature of their relationship is only clarified in comics outside of the main Infinity Gauntlet issues (Thanos Quest and preceding issues of Silver Surfer). He did it because she specifically ordered him to, because she felt the universe was overpopulated and headed for mass extinction. Further, she doesn’t give him the cold shoulder because she’s uninterested, but because he betrayed her trust in going after the gems rather than using the gifts she gave him to accomplish his task.

    1. This is a great game. I’m currently playing rihgft noew. So fsare so gooud byut ithnki iahm grttng tioo drrsnk

    1. TheTestedGamer121512 I got a 12 and a half minute ad about world war 2 in the middle of me listening half asleep lol it was so jarring

    1. @boiled goose it was obvious he was being sarcastic. So I played dumb. Look, if you have to explain the joke, it failed…

    2. @WhoistheJC? No worries. Was just confused. Don’t want to start a fight. Have a good day/night.

    3. @boiled goose wow. I have no ability to convey when I am joking. Lol. My apologies. That was me accepting my fate to have to keep my day job. Lol!!!

  4. “Spiderman is unconscious…” Dude, Terraxia beat his head in with a rock….he dead. lol

    1. @The Bomb Squad Don’t confuse Strength with DURABILITY they are not the same and don’t go perfectly hand in hand.
      Yes stronger characters can take more punishment but it is not limitless nor proportioned to their strength.
      Spiders are strong but physically fragile.
      So Spidey(taking after a spider) taking some licks is ok but he’s not HULK levels durable.

      Cap on the other hand is not as strong but is more durable than his strength level(Denser bones, tougher skin and a healing factor to back those up)and any regular human.
      That is how he can take hits from HULK/Spidey and not be an instant pancake.

    2. The Little Bosnia Experience – I always thought that Spider-Man’s heart was ripped out by Terraxia. Was that not his heart in her bloody hands?

  5. Who came back here after Avengers Endgame! Coz this is Avengers Endgame in an Alternate Reality, maybe a past dimensions where Fox and Disney were together.

    1. With how long this video is the ads aren’t that bad and I don’t mind them anyway

      Rob also deserves the money

  6. did a guy who had an unrequited love for someone write this comic lol. Every five minutes it’s “mistress death shuns him” or “he gave her the world.”

  7. this story blew my mind! this is amazing. Imagine if the movie could have followed this exactly! Also Adam Warlock is the GOAT!

    1. The MCU didn’t introduce any of the cosmic entities besides Dormammu. I don’t think that would have worked since they would all just randomly show up. Not to mention that they would have to include the whole “Thanos being in love with death” thing which, while it works for a comic book, may be hard to explain in a film intended to be presented to the general audience.

    1. This… would be an event, for sure.

      Minimum of six movies, if Marvel would go all-out with being true to the comics here. At least $100M per movie, average (some parts would be more SFX-heavy than others, and most of the fights would be SFX spectacles, again, going on Marvel’s track record). Factor in the actors’ pay, the practical work as filmed in studios, and publishing, and…

  8. Living Tribunal is so much higher in the hierarchy that he doesn’t need word bubbles- he speaks with colored text.

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