16 Upcoming DC Movies That Are Going To Blow Everyone Away

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The DC Extended World might be struggling to locate some vital success, yet its flicks are still making a great deal of cash. As Well As Detector Bros. has more than a dozen– 16, actually, for those maintaining count– in numerous stages of growth now. So what do fans have to anticipate over the following five approximately years? Let's crack the cover and also learn …

Marvel Female|0:18
Justice League|0:56
Environment-friendly Light Corps|2:36
The Flash|3:25
The Batman|4:46
Dark World|5:31
Gotham City Sirens|6:06
Justice League 2|6:46
Guy of Steel 2|7:16
Self-destruction Squad 2|8:00
Black Adam|9:00

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83 thoughts on “16 Upcoming DC Movies That Are Going To Blow Everyone Away”

    1. Well to technicly start something MCU started 2008 like,DC must try to make movies out of range of just superhero,they don’t even have that good villains.We can even say,or joke there are more alien villans in DC that Chitauri aliens in 2012 Avengers.

      So to end,they should make the candy-box large,if it want that and maybe the box itself should say what it want.

      What it meen’s,well how I just say,DC must do it better,and lisen their fans more than just themselves!

      So finally, what it will be for DC…
      *It’ hard!*

  1. D.C. Should have done the time line like this in my opinion..
    1. Superman
    2. Batman
    3. Wonder Woman
    4. Aquaman
    5. Cyborg
    6. Flash
    7. Batman vs superman
    8. Suicide squad
    9. Batman 2 ( with robin )
    10. Justice league
    11. Wonder Woman 2
    12. Superman 2
    13. Shazam
    14. Green latern corps
    15. Green arrow
    16. Batman 3
    17. Teen titans
    18. Justice league 2
    19. Suicide squad 2
    20. Aquaman 2
    21 Superman 3
    22. The young league
    23. Teen titans rise of trigon
    24. Justice league 3 new members

    1. And Supergirl!!!!!! The CW show has a lot of her story mixed up tho it so sad for a DC fan like ne

  2. Batman: so what do you do?
    Aquaman: I fight all of the villains in the sea.
    Batman: I’ve never heard of any villians in the sea.
    Aquaman: yeah because I DO MY JOB!

    1. I didn’t like it the first time I saw it, so I watched it again& it was worst then I even remembered . CGI was horrible as well as the story. The villain looked totally fake. I wish it was a good movie.

    2. Carlos Khongmen
      If your a dc fan and liked justice league your obviously biased
      It was stupid in every aspect

  3. Aquaman is already blowing out everyone
    Now we wait Shazam
    Im sure DC is still in progress of getting their own Throne back

    1. @chaseon two yeah probably those “humans” who complain that Shamzam! Acts like a kid even though he is one in a body of a 20 year old who’s siked to be a hero, yeah there’s people who complain that shazam is shazam

  4. I want DC to make all of these intro hero movies first and then work on justice league 2 so that every superhero shown before would be in a huge hero mashup

    1. @nkundi sebina Nothings wrong with him, I just thought it wasnt a movie he’d want to play in, I’m actually quite excited.

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