Dragon Ball Z vs DC Superheroes – What If Battle – [ DBZ / DBS Parody

Goku Saiyan Rangers –
Goku vs Saitama –
Baulk vs Ironbat –
Phasma –
Goffu vs SuperThor –
Dragon Sphere Super G –

Goku and also Vegeta are back! This time around they are here to battle the effective Superheroes from DC Cosmos. Superman, Wonder Lady, Batman, the Environment-friendly Lantern, Flash, Cyborg, the Princes of Gotham as well as the entire Justice Organization prepare to eliminate two Super Saiyans.

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[Cast] Timothy Banfield

Jon Bailey

Suzy Jurcevic

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69 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z vs DC Superheroes – What If Battle – [ DBZ / DBS Parody”

    1. Flash could’ve instantly defeated the super saiyans throw lightning reverse time create tornados counteract Tsunamis phase through a Kamehameha the flash is basically a speedster god

    2. Isaiah Vincent it depends which version of who like if it were comics or Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta

  1. It’s funny because Batman would literally blow up in a billion pieces after getting punched by a saiyan.

    Unless he had enough prep time…

  2. What Goku really should have said:
    Aquaman: Why do you want to hit me first?
    Goku: Cause your like the Yamcha of DC Universe

    1. Superman was nerf since a long time ago.
      Now he cant even fight Doomsday without a scratch so you think he can now destroy the entire universe or solar system with a sneeze? We are talking about Superman nowadays not old version of Superman or Superman Prime(Gold Superman).

  3. Goku has a literal god form, an ultra instinct ability to dodge any attack and can harness the power of the universe. Vegeta, isn’t as good but is close.
    And D.C have a man in red spandex and a rich guy
    I’ll let you choose who won.

    1. I’ve watched both the anime/manga, and the DC comics so by what I’ve seen Goku loses badly, you’re obviously being bias here so I’m not even gonna argue 🤦

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