Dragon Ball Z vs DC Superheroes – What If Battle – [ DBZ / DBS Parody

Goku Saiyan Rangers –
Goku vs Saitama –
Baulk vs Ironbat –
Phasma –
Goffu vs SuperThor –
Dragon Sphere Super G –

Goku and also Vegeta are back! This time around they are here to battle the effective Superheroes from DC Cosmos. Superman, Wonder Lady, Batman, the Environment-friendly Lantern, Flash, Cyborg, the Princes of Gotham as well as the entire Justice Organization prepare to eliminate two Super Saiyans.

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[Cast] Timothy Banfield

Jon Bailey

Suzy Jurcevic

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69 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z vs DC Superheroes – What If Battle – [ DBZ / DBS Parody”

    1. Flash could’ve instantly defeated the super saiyans throw lightning reverse time create tornados counteract Tsunamis phase through a Kamehameha the flash is basically a speedster god

  1. It’s funny because Batman would literally blow up in a billion pieces after getting punched by a saiyan.

    Unless he had enough prep time…

  2. What Goku really should have said:
    Aquaman: Why do you want to hit me first?
    Goku: Cause your like the Yamcha of DC Universe

    1. Superman was nerf since a long time ago.
      Now he cant even fight Doomsday without a scratch so you think he can now destroy the entire universe or solar system with a sneeze? We are talking about Superman nowadays not old version of Superman or Superman Prime(Gold Superman).

  3. Goku has a literal god form, an ultra instinct ability to dodge any attack and can harness the power of the universe. Vegeta, isn’t as good but is close.
    And D.C have a man in red spandex and a rich guy
    I’ll let you choose who won.

    1. I’ve watched both the anime/manga, and the DC comics so by what I’ve seen Goku loses badly, you’re obviously being bias here so I’m not even gonna argue 🤦

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