Suicide Squad Comic-Con Trailer (2016) – Jared Leto, Will Smith – DC Comics Movie

Starring Will Smith, Jared Leto, and Margot Robbie
Self-destruction Team Authorities Trailer 1 (2016) – DC Comics Flick

A secret federal government firm hires sent to prison supervillains to implement harmful black ops goals in exchange for clemency.

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100 thoughts on “Suicide Squad Comic-Con Trailer (2016) – Jared Leto, Will Smith – DC Comics Movie”

    1. I heard they decided to turn it into a comedy during post-production, because that’s the capeshit standard that Marvel movies have set

    1. Ruth Blue The thing is even changing the tone to match the trailer wouldn’t fix it. Bad writing is bad writing.

    1. Egg Benedict actually they changed the script quite a bit from I’ve heard too. Not to mention the script is not even the worst part about Suicide Squad.

  1. They could’ve just replayed this trailer over and over for two hours and it still would’ve been better than the actual movie.

  2. What I liked about this take where the joker says “I’m just gonna hurt ya really really bad” is that you could see the joy in his face and you could tell he enjoyed doing that and you could tell how excited he got. it gives me the chills Everytime. but unfortunately they cut this version of the scene out and switched it out for a dumber version

    1. Bad directing and editing. They didn’t know what they were going for just started filming. Leto was finally a skinny joker wearing bright colors. He could have been the best joker

    2. Leto could be a great joker… but they just forgot him… the joker was a small part and i remember that everybody wanted to watch this joker (the trailer’s joker)… now lets see joaquin phoenix as joker… 😉

    3. Doraemon Official I think it would be hard to compare Phoenix and Ledger as Phoenix’s portrayal is an entirely different character from the one portrayed by Leto/Ledger

    1. It is well known that David Ayer was forced to change a lot of the original cut to make the movie more family friendly, the trailer that was developed after this was more funny and enlightning than this

    2. All the scenes were in the movie, but in the trailer they look slower and they have a sad song background xd

    1. Black Godddess you mean the 60% audience rate? And what about the 27% critcs rating with a 4.8/10 average score? This trailer was good, the movie was trash.

  3. WB: Oh we’re not gonna just gonna make some changes to the movie

    We’re gonna make it really….really…bad

    1. Fired Up Pranks I don’t necessarily like his the joker (as it was written) but I mean, he acted it well at the very least

    2. For Jared letos joker, We can be grateful for:

      ·he can pull off the laugh with ease
      ·he is comfortable in the costuming they gave him
      ·he was willing to cut off all his hair for this small scene
      ·he is able to act crazy for the part
      ·he can stand a person hugging him through a whole scene practically lol

      ·he can whisper words easily
      Really, I’m not a huge joker fan and I’m more on Harley, but honestly, i think this is the least disturbing version.

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