Android 18 VS Captain Marvel (Dragon Ball VS Marvel Comics) | DEATH BATTLE!

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Please note, there is some incorrect info in this episode, pertaining to rate (see the pinned remark listed below) and Android 18 absorbing power, which see can not in fact do. This does not impact the outcome. Sorry for the mix-ups!

Wiz/Showrunner: Ben B. Vocalist
Boomstick: Chad James
Writer: Sam Mitchell
Writer: Jessica Davis
Animator: Zack Watkins
Graphic Artist: Chris "Jerky" Bastin
Voice of Android 18: Brownish-yellow Lee Connors
Voice of Captain Wonder: Terri Doty
Video Clip Editor: John Francis McCullagh
Video Editor: Noel Wiggens
Voice Direction/Casting: Marissa Lenti
Audio Engineer: Howard Wang
Taped at Sound Tempo Studios
Fight Announcer: Chris Guerrero

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86 thoughts on “Android 18 VS Captain Marvel (Dragon Ball VS Marvel Comics) | DEATH BATTLE!”

    1. The fact that krill in was able to wife that means he must have more power than goku. If you realise how much damage 18 can take (we know for a fact that 17 and 18 both have enough durability to self destruct with the power to take down a city TWICE and be just fine) that means krillin has that much strength and more in bed for 18 to have the incentive to stay with him.

  1. “Wonder who will win?” *sees the dislike bar isn’t that bad* “Hm, guess 18 will win, then.”

    1. @Alex Basha Great point! I have brought that up before too. Lots of Superman fans love to ignore that important feat of strength

  2. Uh oh! We realized we didn’t calculate Android 18’s speed correctly.


    She’s actually much faster! While this doesn’t affect the results, we’d still like to address this. She can actually travel over 15,300,000 miles per hour.

    Time to show our work! In Dragon Ball, measurable feats are few and far between. For “Goku VS Superman” we developed the Gravity Formula to determine Goku’s potential based on gravity training at certain points in the series. It’s not perfect or exact, but it’s the closest we could get to something concrete while avoiding vague speculation. In the Buu saga near the end of DBZ, Goku at base wears weights equivalent to 586x gravity, so we can apply that as comparison for feats related to other gravity training periods. His flight over Snake Way after 10x gravity training clocked him at 6,800 mph. Thus, after training on Earth (1x gravity) before training with King Kai, he could theoretically move up to around 680 mph. If that seems slow to you, remember this is travel speed & not reaction time.

    In order to determine 18’s speed, we can apply the same ideas. She’s shown to be physically equal to Vegeta in first-grade Super Saiyan 1 form. She’s likely superior, but the difference isn’t very apparent and she primarily wins by tiring him out while relying on her unlimited energy source. While we are wary of rudimentary & unrestrained power scaling, Goku & Vegeta are clearly similar enough for us to directly compare without much concern. Prior to fighting 18, Vegeta’s training capped at 450x gravity. (We can reasonably assume further gravity increases can be applied to second grade & full power SSJ1 forms, but that’s unrelated to this.) Also, a Super Saiyan 1 transformation is well documented to increase a Saiyan’s power 50 times that of their Base Form for the duration of the new form’s use.

    Therefore, the formula is “680 mph x 50 x 450”
    (Base Saiyan speed at 1x gravity) x (Super Saiyan increase) x (Vegeta’s max gravity training at the time)

    And this gives us the answer that Vegeta, during the Android Saga, could travel at least 15,300,000 miles per hour. (24623000 km/hr) Thus, Android 18 should be similar. Keep in mind that the formula obviously takes a simplified look at DBZ physics to avoid presumptuous complications, and the conclusion is ultimately an estimation. Vegeta could be slower than this and 18 is likely faster to some degree. We don’t have enough data to pinpoint the exact number. However, we’re working with numbers so large at this point that a couple additional ten-thousand-miles-per-hour here or there doesn’t really change much, and this is as far as we can get without relying on speculation and assumption. We’d like to apologize about accidentally misrepresenting 18’s speed. It certainly wasn’t our intention. Luckily, this error doesn’t affect the result, which is probably why it was missed in review. We know many fans appreciate their favorite characters being represented correctly, and we’ll continue to make that a priority. If you have further questions, we’ll answer what we can here or you can direct them to @BenBSinger on Twitter. We should cover this on this week’s Death Battle Cast as well. Thank you for understanding, and we hope you enjoy our next episode!

    1. @DEATH BATTLE! rematch between Thor and wonder woman u need to fix your mistakes I can’t provide all scans of evidence and information right now u just type the words! 😂😂👇👇👀

      Strength- u said wonder woman moved the earth out of orbit but failed and was struggling, Thor arm wrestled with Hercules throw the planet out of orbit, Thor has lifted the midgard serpent and overpowered its grip which was crushing earth around 324 quintillion tons of force, wonder woman sun pulling feat Thor has overpowered the force of a neutron star which was increasing in local gravity and collapsed upon him but he broke free Neutron stars are one of the possible ends for a star. They result from massive stars which have mass greater than 4 to 8 times that of our Sun. After these stars have finished burning their nuclear fuel, they undergo a supernova explosion. This explosion blows off the outer layers of a star into a beautiful supernova remnant. The central region of the star collapses under gravity. It collapses so much that protons and electrons combine to form neutrons. Hence the name “neutron star”. U want u use wonder woman holding of the godwave which is universal in power or snapping the cronus scepter with her bare hands which was universal in power well Thor has reversed the world engine and yggdrasil tree which is a multiverse in itself and exist on every plane of reality and and holds the 9 realms which are universes and Valhalla which is the asgardian afterlife exist outside all realities or Eric masterson Thor who only possessed a tenth of the real Thor strength hits hard enough that if was felt through all planes of reality and even states not since the big bang has such a force been unleashed universe busting a tenth of the real Thor strength Thor has lifted the multiverse in Thor corps #4 The Multiverse is the collection of alternate universes which share a universal hierarchy; it is a subsection of the larger Omniverse, the collection of all alternate universes. A large variety of these universes were originated as forms of divergence from other realities, where an event with different possible outcomes gives rise to different universes, one for each outcome. Some can seem to be taking place in the past or future due to differences in how time passes in each universe. Often, new universes and dimensions are born due to time traveling. Eternity once stated that there are almost infinite aspects of itself, thus establishing the Marvel’s positioning then.[2] Afterward the Beyonder estimated there is a “seemingly endless number of dimensions” to thereafter explore the entire Multiverse and its “myriad planes.”[3] The Crossroads also leads to an infinite number of dimensions.[4] In addition, the Molecule Man, who was almost omniscient,[5] has also postulated that there are infinite parallel dimensions to Earth’s universe that together comprise the Multiverse.[6] Finally, it was later stated in the Book of the Vishanti, which details the Marvel cosmology, that there is “literally a transfinite number, that is, a number greater than infinity” of universes in the Multiverse.[7] There is also a transfinite number of Multiverses.[8] The Multiverse was further described as boundless by Captain Universe.[9] leagues above wonder woman in strength 😂😂 Thor while many leagues under the sea Thor punches the ground and they can be fealt throughout the 10 realms which are universes and yggdrasil is stated to be near infinite as it exist on every plane of reality and is a multiverse in itself Odin has stated all flows through yggdrasil and stated they are each it’s own universe Thor is an outerversal, multiversal being. His hammer can easily harm Hilbert space multiversal beings on par with Eternity, confirmed by the writer. And he is also stated to transcend dimensions, much like his fight with chaos king or ego and he also can punch with a starburst barehanded or hit with the force of a thousand eternitys his punches can still be heard into the future and wonder woman in dc said Thor hammer is harder than superman fist and marvel>>dc Thor no contest..

      Speed- the God shards were teleported to the universe, Thor has a similar feat way before that in his fight with absorbing man amped by Loki Thor was stated to be fighting everywhere at once in time and space in the universe as he was to fast evading all absorbing man blows, Thor fights Heimdall and swings his hammer down on him at speeds “moving too swiftly for the eye to follow,” even too fast for Heimdall in Journey Into Mystery heimdall can see everything in the universe, Thor can run so fast that he is invisible to the naked eye in order to be invisible to the naked eye u would have to be moving at or above the speed of light wonder is barely light speed and dosent have light speed showings comparable to Thor and she sure as heck can’t fly faster than him that’s not even a debate he’s quadrillions time the speed of light can throw his hammer at twice to several times the speed of light or at cyclotronic speed he can place people in.a universal infinity vortex continuum and his vortex are much faster than light and can carry people to entire different universes, he rebuilt asgard in a blur of motion in but a mere second he can run from the end of asgard bridge which lies at the edge of infinity all the way to asgard in some mere wacky Toon force way much faster than light he tracked the demon wave which flowed endlessly past them moving at such great speed they are invisible to demonic eye spreading endlessly into the universe of men and Thor destroyed surturs dimensional portal basically a galactic core with one strike The Galactic Center, or Galactic Centre, is the rotational center of the Milky Way. It is 8,122 ± 31 parsecs (26,490 ± 100 ly) away from Earth in the direction of the constellations Sagittarius, Ophiuchus, and Scorpius where the Milky Way appears brightest. It coincides with the compact radio source Sagittarius A*.

      There are around 10 million stars within one parsec of the Galactic Center, dominated by red giants, with a significant population of massive supergiants and Wolf-Rayet stars from a star formation event around one million years ago, and one supermassive black hole of 4.100 ± 0.034 million solar masses at the Galactic Center, which powers the Sagittarius A* radio source.

      Where is wonder woman doing that as that’s a speed and strength feat he also tanked attack surtur is a multiversal being in his fight with Odin he set a flame that would have destroyed and burned the multiverse but Odin contained it, Thor can stop time freeze time travel back in time or travel ahead of time wonder woman needed to be blind folded to fight reverse flash Thor would have no problem with someone with powers that he has as he has caught speedsters outraced speedsters and even outraces silver surfer who is much faster than wonder woman or reverse flash..

    2. DEATH BATTLE! are you going to ignore the fact that kid goku was trained to be faster then lightning and then proceeds to become millions of times stronger and then would still be curbstomped by 18

    1. @fLy No need to excuse, Star Wars genius! We all know you franchise and MCU are related by the Mouse!

    2. @Ricardo Hoàng Disney star wars movies suck tho, they made two ok movies and two really bad ones so far.

    1. Yeah one weakness of the Mary Sue, if you can overcome them or pull a Johnny Cage and Annoy them so much they make mistakes in fights, They will fall FAST

    1. @Jackson Peds It’s just too obvious of an outcome. Shazam’s almost equal to Superman, for God’s sake.

    2. Captain Marvel couldn’t beat World War Hulk and she also easily got overpowered by Sentry in Marvel Zombies

  3. Can “possibly” destroy planets

    So many things wrong with this

    Who can blow up planets in the Dragonball franchise:

    Saiyan saga: Vegeta, Nappa, and Goku

    Frieza Saga: All versions of Frieza, Vegeta, Goku

    Android Saga: Practically everone at full power and some not even trying like the androids and saiyans

    1. Going by power scaling technically Yamcha by mid way Through Z should be able to blow up a planet. However it is also stated planets and matter in general in Universe 7 is lower grade, a planet busting fear for instance in Kai world is just a few boulders maybe a mountain. Power scaling different series with different laws of physics is for entertainment purposes only.

    2. @Nate River If I remember correctly, you needed a power level of 300 just to be able to destroy planets.

    3. @alfa01spotivo king Vegeta has a power lvl of 12 k yet he destroyed 3 planets with just the swipe of his hand and it was cannon

    1. Brie larsson i think her name is
      She isn’t that much of a good actor (said by the critics)

    2. @True Story lol not a single person in this comment even mention dc and marvel have 2 character that have their actor’s changed.

  4. Captain Marvel:I can still…
    *18* *crushes* *her* *head*
    Android 18:Excuse me you can still what?

    1. @kasuke1 can he beat one above all?
      Galactus? Chutulu? Azathoth? Rune king Thor? The precense? Super tengen toppa Gurren Lagann? Elder god demonbane? Giorno Giovanna?

    2. @daddy DIO Depends on who’s writing the story. Pre-Crisis would spank them all. The New 52 would probably die but it all depends on who’s writing it. Superman is free reign when it comes to beating unbeatable beings.

    3. @cole shields can you explain how pre crisis can beat an Omnipotent being like one above all or azathoth?

  5. Is no one else gonna mention 18’s most impressive feat at 5:55?
    “Withstood love making with Krillin”

  6. Android 18:exists

    Captain marvel:im about to end this robots whole career

    Android 18:uno reverse card

  7. She hid behind the boulder and then tried blasting 18 after she destroyed the boulder? And she said 18 played dirty?

  8. Android 18 wouldn’t finish the fight like that.
    there is no way she would ruin her shoes with blood.

  9. Watching my least favorite female character getting jobbed by one of my all time favorites. this may still be my favorite death battle of all time.

    1. Kevin Wong even with powers of Mastered Ultra Instinct, Goku hasn’t learned Hakai yet from Beerus

    2. Kevin Wong oh yeah I know that, I was askin how does Goku still not know that even with his heightened powers?

  10. Can we take a minute to appreciate the fact that they got the voice actress from TFS to voice 18??

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