Captain Marvel VS Shazam (Marvel VS DC Comics) | DEATH BATTLE!

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. Note: There's a mild mix-up in the script. The line at 17:04 must have reviewed "approximately" 133 quadrillion, as it's the premium opportunity of the calculation previously explained in the run-through portion as the low-end of over 133 trillion.

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103 thoughts on “Captain Marvel VS Shazam (Marvel VS DC Comics) | DEATH BATTLE!”

  1. Superman: I’m faster than a speeding bullet

    Shazam: Hold my beer

    Superman: I would if you were old enough to have one

    1. @PutBoots ToAsses Baby boomers (Boomers) known as individuals who were born between 1946 and 1964 before Generation X

      It was a joke btw lol

    2. @Nathan Sanchez He is the original Captain Marvel. He was created by another comic book industry back in the 1930’s. At the time Superman from DC was the only one that was on the same level so DC bought the Captain Marvel right’s. Then Marvel Captain Mar vell is someone completely different. It makes no sense that The original captain marvel had to change its name to shazam since black adam would also be called shazam. Just stupid Comic book politics. Marvel is a joke.

  2. Beginning:
    “You think you can get away with something so petty?”

    “Nah it was an accident, I’m trying to fix it now.”

    1. @Thor, Lord of Thunder “Sorry but he’s a complete idiot. *And to* only way to speak to idiots is that way.” Honestly, your mistake and then calling him an idiot does make you look like a hypocrite.

    2. AGShinkiro that’s because Superman’s weakness is magic, and Shazam uses magic, but to be fair, it’s VERY impressive the dude could punch a black hole into existence

    3. Rory Frickanick I don’t know, maybe there’s something called an autocorrect that made that mistake. Guess we’ll never know…

  3. Is it just me or did she get more hostile when she figured out it was just a kid?

    She’s supposed to be a hero, right?

    1. Trog Dog Well she is a hero. She did save the planet from basically being nuked by the kree. And Fury’s life. And an entire race. Sooooo

    1. @David AdventTime21 actually ur making a fuss about. This is obvious they will help the child more. Dont be sexist.

    1. Rohiy Ted shadow creature oh yeah Jedi are one of the powerful beings in the world don’t mess with us Jedi don’t believe me? Well check out Star Wars legends and obi Wan Kenobi vs Kakashi death battle i am trained well from obi Wan Kenobi

    2. Rohiy Ted I’m faster I can kill a stormstrooper in one slice I heated a lot of strong bad guys I can move a black hole with the force i can survive time stop and can get out of there
      My lightsaber can cut though anything

    1. @FreakyFilmZ Characters follow the rules because they are forced to by the writer. Characters that break the fourth wall are capable of literally learning what the rulebook says and consciously deciding not to follow it, thereby providing their own explanation for being exempt to the rules. Deadpool isn’t even supposed to appear before the battle begins, but he breaks that rule, too, because the frames of a digital YouTube cartoon are like the panels of a comic book, and he can just crawl between the panels.

    2. @DeadlyDino NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDSSSSSS XD sorry I had to my childhood was giving me flash backs

    1. SmashLiXs I mean she’s a drunkard who literally ruins everything which actually put her pretty close to first waivers to since the committed large amounts of terrorism actually including three bombings and throwing themselves under carts and assaulting people

  4. it’s funny how carol is seen as an overpowered character in the mcu even though she never won a death battle. plus there are other mcu characters more over powered than her

    1. The MCU is going for a more down-to-earth interpretation of the heroes. Where they don’t have the power to blow up planets. That way they can incorporate a wider range of heroes, like Spiderman, Hawk-eye, or Black Widow. But there are definitely characters like Thor or Dr. Strange who could beat Captain Marvel. Personally I think Dr. Strange has to potential to be the most powerful in the MCU. He would have to be smart to beat Thor or Cap Marvel though.

    2. Most mcu characters were nerfed so it doesn’t seem too broken when showed in the movies. It’s also easier to work with in terms of threats, it makes it easier for the watchers to understand.

    3. She’d lose to Galactus on up. But most importantly my favorite character, The first iteration Onslaught with all absorptions.

    1. She thought it was a trick not an actual kid
      Reminder that part of the fight she planned a killing blow then stopped when she saw the kid then got angry when it turned back

    2. Considering this she has tríes to kill kids before and im not talking a out the time she attack miles morales with no warning, im talking the time she attack a 9 year old when she was drunk or the time she attack a little girl, shes a horrible person.

    1. @Oberstruhmfuhrer Schrodinger Because they were difficult to control (Gero was forced to shut 17 and 18 down after they attempted to kill him) so he was forced to create energy absorption units like 19, and while weaker compared to the twins, make up for total loyalty to Gero, as well as attempted fully mechanical units like 16.
      Another reason comes from the web comic Dragon Ball Multiverse, to where their reason is that infinite energy doesn’t exist, and while it gives them an incredibly large amount if energy, the engines start to slowly wear them down, and if they dont get a checkup every 8-9 years, they’ll be so weakened, that they wont be able to walk.

    2. Sketchy Dude Pretty sure 16 is before 17 and 18 secondarily that may make sense for the fat clown 19 but what about when he made himself an android why didn’t he made himself an infinite energy model that seems like a design flaw

    3. @Oberstruhmfuhrer Schrodinger I only have two reasons… maybe.
      1. Dragon Ball has and always will be inconsistent in some parts
      2. It would probably take him too long, as his most powerful androids take 17 years to fully complete.

  5. Physical abilities aside, it just seems like Shazam’s Wisdom of Solomon by _itself_ is one of the most broken superpowers ever.

    Sure, he can punch with the force of 97 exploding suns and fly massively faster than light, but just the ability to know anything you need to know whenever you need to know it seems in a league of its own.

    1. @Dominick Destine While I tend to not get involved into epistemology much, wisdom and knowledge are inherently one of the same. While wisdom is a product of intelligence, I could argue vice versa. But then it would fall down onto where and how we attain knowledge and wisdom.

      The Wisdom of Solomon gives Billy an innate understanding of about any situation he’s in, and while your counter argument about his age may be true, then (theoretically) this would mean you believe that character’s like the Spectre, Wonder Woman, Superman, Lucifer, and more, are far more intelligent not due to granted abilities, but to their age. Again, this really depends on how and where knowledge is attained.

      And while he is a teenager, that doesn’t equal him being below average intellect. If a 3 year old could tell me the difference between the concepts of free will and determinism and give a truthful answer to the everlasting argument, I doubt that would count as immaturity.

      Therefore, wisdom does equate and or lead to maturity, but he’s consistently written as an angsty teen, therefore his Wisdom of Solomon and Courage of Achilles are now both there to fill in the acronym instead of him having to shout “HAZM!” from now on.

    2. @French Bryan Nope.
      Wisdom does not equal maturity no matter how much you want to delude yourself into believing otherwise.Maturity is achieved through a cobination of knowledge and experience which knowledege by itself cannot fulfill.

    3. @Dominick Destine “Through a combination of knowledge and experience…”

      Okay, Empiricism so far…

      “…which knowledge by itself cannot fulfill.”

      Okay, definitely Empiricism.

      So having an innate understanding of about everything means you wouldn’t know how to act conservatively mature around others? If you have nigh-omniscience, then you definitely know how to act maturely and wouldn’t need to study ethics anymore.

    4. @French Bryan Having knowledge and having APPLIED that knowledge are two very different things. It’s the difference between theory and practice. What a joke…. you are delusional, end of conversation.

    1. Remember kids, this is a universe where the personification of Tyranny walks around and can blitz people like this

  6. “My movie is going to crush yours!” -Danvers
    “Miss, you’re in for a surprise!”-Shazam

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