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Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe – Complete Story|Comicstorian


96 thoughts on “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe – Complete Story | Comicstorian”

    1. I don’t know, but once you ask these sort of questions people will be saying: Actually DC would destroy him, Darkseid exists outside of outerverses, Deadpool can never kill him, Batman is way too smart for him, Superman would throw him into the sun and so on.

    1. @Bradley Moore na man batman may be batman but he’s still a “normal” human he can still die like everyone else all deadpool has to do to kill batman is get out of the comic,movie,or at this point plane of exsitance he’s in and kill him early on in the story

    2. @I forgot to add a name Sorry buddy. You seem to forget he’s batman. Batman all ways wins. He’s batman. Your argument is invalid.

    3. @Bradley Moore na deadpool wins all the way,but if you’re wrong about one thing it’s that deadpool will never be as awesome as batman even if he tried

    1. Wow there are somepeople who think Deadpool won out of bad writing and have the nerve to assume the defenders are fanboys, not a very good argument .

    1. Squirrel Girl is a joke character she doesn’t win seriously, so it doesn’t really matter when asking if anyone can beat her cause that’s part of the joke, her power doesn’t matter.

    1. The one above all is basically the writers right? And Deadpool goes to “our” universe and kills the writers

    2. @Mike Heretis true but this was one thought I had. Deadpool couldve took his place and did what the The Beyonder did but made himself of somewhat an “cosmic entity”

    1. If you want onusing try to figure out where the D.c multiverse and dark multiverse fit into all this sense they have crossovered it’s really confusing and sense flash went into the marvel universe it shows tat they operate of the same frequency rules it’s really confusing

  1. Deadpool never would’ve won

    He can’t beat Stan Lee

    Rip Stan Lee U have left a legacy we,miss u

  2. Professor X got brain dead just from seeing what was in his Head, Task Master becomes afraid of himself just for copying Deadpool’s Style. He figure’s out a way to stop the healing Factor, he once had the Gauntlet with all Infinity Stones, murders the whole Avengers, X-Men, and Fantastic 4. And most of all…He finds the Writers and Kills them! that’s just beyond the 4th wall!

    1. Its actually frightening. Xavier saw what was in his mind and all deadpool did was look blankly at him as he saw what was in it and went brain dead. Xavier going brain dead by simply looking into someone’s mind is so scary to think about. And how wolverine died and spiderman died. It’s all so dark and terrorizing

    2. @Hamza Tanvir Well yeah! He blew Spider-Mans head off with a gun… that’s frightening when ANYONE does it LOL!

    1. Bloodbath McGrath spideesenses predict the future basically. Wouldnt matter how fast because spiderman wouldve been informed before he even pulled the gun out

  3. Thanos: “I’m the first being to kill off the entire Marvel Universe!”

    Deadpool: “Hold my chimichanga.”

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