Marvel Remembers the Legacy of Stan Lee

Wonder Comics and The Walt Disney Company salute the life and occupation of Stan Lee and also use our unequaled thankfulness for his unmatchable success within our halls. Please join us in keeping in mind Stan "The Male" Lee.

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75 thoughts on “Marvel Remembers the Legacy of Stan Lee”

    1. “god” lol.
      Don’t be a murrican religious nutcase, there are no “gods” but if there were there’d be over 300 million of them, Hinduism has over 300 million alone.
      Science is where it’s at, belief is .. redundant.

    1. @Shoto they do, it’s just that the guy was being a smartass about it, I do think they all get credit, I just thought It was rude to correct such a small mistake

    1. @Robotic Eggs
      Only if you capatilize all of the letters in “Long live stan lee” Otherwise, it’s still MARVEL

  1. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook
    Steve Jobs created Apple.
    Bill Gates created Microsoft.

    Stan Lee created a Universe.
    -RIP Stan Lee

    1. @Mr. Snake You have never watched any marvel movie… OH PLEASE LET’S WATCH JUCTICE LEAUGE TOGETHER. Or batman v superman… DC is cringe.
      And even if your dumb head thinks marvel is trash THAT IS NO REASON TO HATE A DEAD PERSON. Btw stan lee will for all time be a better person than you will ever be

  2. as a marvel fanatic and enthusiast this news shock me. at the age of 5 every comic and movie that i watched or read was an escape. now 5 years later at 10, my thirst for Marvel knowledge is at its highest stage. i would sit there on my bed watching Easter Eggs. and then explaining them to my mum. PS DC is a sin. and even Star Wars fans should be saluting this guy. i remember hearing this news when i got up and my brother said ‘I’ve got some news, that your probably not gonna like’ and he tapped the internet on his phone and typed Stan Lee. clicked on News and there it was ‘Stan Lee Passed away at 95’. then i remember being really sad and crying for a good strait half an hour. but now almost 2 weeks later i’m not sad. to be honest i’m really happy. because i realised why are we moaning about his death but celebrating his life. even at the age of 5 i somehow knew who Stan Lee. though i never got to meet him myself, and was really close to. i know some people who have and say it was 200 dollars. to me that would be totally worth it especially now. and if you think that you and your friend and the only people who love Marvel. i went to Supernova (which is like comic con in Australia) and there were so many Marvel cosplayers and people just wearing marvel T shirts. probably every one reading this would especially agree that it would be SO COOL to actually become the next Stan. writing characters that are relatable to a curtain generation. we shouldn’t just be celebrating Stan and his Inspiring work. but Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and Marvel itself. Stan ‘the man’ Lee helped me and made me. I’ve been watching so many Art tributes: Jazza, Box office artist, Clay claim etc.. i cant wait for Avengers 4 and the least i could do is say Thank you my old friend. Thank you for putting up with me crying when Cap and Tony were fighting, Thanos clicked and obviously Spider Man Homecoming’s post credit scene…. RIP Stanley Martin Leiber. i will show your work to my kids.

  3. When i was a kid, my hero was never some sports athlete, it was spiderman. I was always a wimpy kid, not alot of friends, but when i saw spiderman i could relate to peter parker.

    I loved how he too was this wimpy kid, also from new york that became a hero and would always fight to save people and do whats right. It also taught me with great power comes great responsibility. Thats not just a comic book line, that a life lesson.

    Now im going to be a police officer, bc ive always wanted to help people like spiderman did. I wont be a superhero, but ill be helping people. Thank you stan lee for everything

    1. Have you watched “Into the spdierverse?” That movie has a brilliant lesson within:
      “Anyone could wear the mask You could wear the mask.”
      And just like the “Not all heros wear capes” quote, you don’t need to be a superhero to help others. So if you want to be a police officer and help people who can’t help themselves, more and more power to ya!

    2. Couldn’t have said it better myself pretty much the same story as you, I grew up in Brooklyn NY

    1. Dead Inside your one of the people who disliked the video why be mad when Stan died he’s a legend therefore a heroes to all kids

  4. It’s strange how This man… his smile… his joy… his smirk…. It always brought a smile to our hearts. Knowing the kind of Person he was, his imagination… His death makes us feel as if we’ve lost a father… This doesn’t make me cry… but it does make my eyes tear up with the biggest smile on my face. Rest in Peace Stan.. The Greatest Man to Ever Walk on this Earth…❤

  5. Salute to a legend who gave us a lesson to never give up on everything.

    R.I.P Mr. Stan lee

    1. @Robert Turpin thanos was a good guy he was erasing the world for the ones in pain and poor and with mental problems,thanos will always be my hero he also would save the world from humans

  6. Watching this six moths later still makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry for a year. I miss him so much. Rest In Peace Stan

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