Top 10 DC & Marvel Copy Cats (in a bad way)

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Invite to SL MADE Top 10 DC & Marvel Copy Cats (laid-up).

For that we have removed,.

1. Appeal.
2. Fan-base Rankings.
3. Mistranslations.
4. Groups.
5. Involvement in the respective Universe.

Rankings laid-up!

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91 thoughts on “Top 10 DC & Marvel Copy Cats (in a bad way)”

    1. @BopiiQ • ik lol I’m just making sure that you know that I respect marvel and Stan Lee😂

    2. Christian Found a Karen thats butthurt that they’ll never be anything in their life so they attack a dead guy

    1. He’s not a copy. Captain America appeared during the times of WW2 so He’s practically one of the first Marvel characters.

    2. @Decade Computing The Shield appeared a year before Cap but not with DC. Cap’s shield had to be changed because it looked to much like the Shield’s shield.

    1. @Mail Eromekalb Nah, MCU can make so much money if they Make more heroes famous like inhumans, X-men even though they are famous, Fantastic Four They are famous, Young avengers and they still have spider man. But I think Dc will catch up since they have their original 6

    2. @gobigod 2 bro dc makes more money than marvel because they have 1 st position in cartoons animated movies,games , comic ,and in series and dc has more films than Marvel . Marvel film has received so many money but there movies producing is in high money range dc makes more money bro

    3. John Vandamm deathstroke is wayyy better he might not be able to kill Deadpool but he would beat him by chipping his head or slice him into parts deathstroke is a wayyy better swordsmen and fighter than deadpool

    1. That sounds so idiotic it doesn’t even make sense..everyone that like your comment is as or more stupid than u lmao

    1. @KYRIDICULOUS dude what?? Frankenstein was created by a mad scientist and powered by electricity, which is Solomon grundy not hulk

    2. Mail Eromekalb RIPTIDE REESE

      Actually yes both were inspired off Frankenstein. Hulk was literally Grey before he was turned Green to not look like Grundy

    3. @KYRIDICULOUS uhhhh no The incredible Hulk was inspired by Jack Kirby who created the hulk , he witness a woman lift a car and got a child from underneath, thus created the hulk, has nothing to do with Frankenstein…idk where you getting that crap from bro..

    4. RIPTIDE REESE wut ok sorry bro really never heard of that haha idk one of my friends whos a huge Hulk fan told me that.. sorry anyways lol

    5. @KYRIDICULOUS it’s coo bro, I just knew for a fact hulk wasn’t inspired by no horror folk tale, That’s why I said he wasn’t a rip off, cuz Jack Kirby created him with Stan Lee’s help

  1. Honestly I like Marvel better but when it comes to certain characters, I also love DC. They both have really good characters but I will say Marvel makes great movies while DC makes great series and comics. Plus he kept saying submariner when his name is Namor. It’s also weird how the ripoffs do better than the originals.

    1. Dc is better to me but Marvel is great they also have more characters but if the DC universe and Marvel Universe Dc would win

  2. “Plastic Man vs Mr. Fantastic”
    “Brainiac vs Ultron”
    “Shield vs Captain America”

    I bet most people know about the second ones, even though they are “copy cats”.

    1. Brainiac and ultron yea they copied
      Cause out of two villians have the same thing means after these villians are thanos and darkseid

  3. This comment section if awful. I wish I could have my own opinion of liking DC more without everyone screaming at me.

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