79 thoughts on “JOKER Teaser Trailer (2019) DC Comics Movie”

    1. saffron productions he needed better imagination, letos cackling laughter was horrendous. And if the joker is 92% laughter you tell how well he did on a re-evaluation. He was good in lord of war though.

    1. @Gary Dubbbz haha woow😁😁😁😁 i use redit am suooooo speshal😁😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. @Finding Hare He was corny af in spiderman and that was the only enjoyable thing in that movie.

    1. no i mean he might have been good but i think the one we got is better William will always be green goblin!

    1. @MyBestFriendBob It’s a dead end movie. Has no future, the time line was even messed up for the age of Bruce Wayne and The Joker, by the way was named Jack, not Fleck.

  1. I think we should stop comparing each and every joker to Heath Ledgers joker. I do agree that he did a phenomenal job as the clown Prince of crime however not every joker can be like his. I belive every joker can be fantastic in its own way.

    Fx the one from the death of the family or the killing joke and even the iconic joker from batman the animated series. (I know these are all animation movies) but we dont compare them to eachother cuz they are all great versions in themselves. The jokers are not in competition with each other, they are simply just a version of a fantastic villain.

    1. That’s what great about the joker. He’s quite literally a “wild card”. You never know what your getting.

    2. We used to compare Jack Nicholson’s Joker to Cesar Romero’s Joker all the time. They’re all extremely good in their own way. Just like Shakespeare can be interpreted in many different ways, so can the Joker.

    3. I agree but I feel the joker that is in Ledger’s and Joaquin’s performances is the Joker that I think best portrays the character. Sadistic, twisted, troubled and menacing. Jack also comes to mind. I think he did a great job and also had the best laugh (pending this performance by Joaquin). All that said, I cannot. fucking. wait for this to come out.

    1. and the serious face following that. Man, I love that.
      He spoke everything without saying anything.

  2. i’m totally down for an extended cut. There’s stuff that went up here that didn’t make it in the movie

    1. maxeryk slime i don’t see the point of trying to read the comments of a movie you haven’t even watched. maybe it would be a good idea to actually watch the movie before making dumb comments lmao

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