Marvel vs. DC – The Ultimate Crossover (Complete Story) | Animation Film

Right here is the full story of the "Marvel vs. DC – The Ultimate Crossover" collection. Delight in!

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All the Visuals as well as Computer Animation by Saruhan Saral, produced utilizing Blender as well as After Results.

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This is not a commercial however an individual job and also I'm not associated with any type of firm( i.e. I do not earn any kind of money from this).

I really did not DESIGN any one of the personalities, they are from the video games of these 2 companies yet I did the rigging then animated the shots. I after that utilized Adobe After Consequences and also Best for structure. Many voice clips are from the computer game, mainly from Wonder vs. Capcom 3 and also Oppression: Gods Among Us.

Audio Impacts were modified in Audacity.

Hope you enjoy!

Soundtracks In Order;.

Ninja Tracks – Exposure.
Really Slow Movement – Shredder.
The Hit Home – Basalt.
Hi-Finesse – Millennia.
Hey There Skill – Odyssey.
Hi-Finesse – Downfall.
The Last Witch Hunter – Trailer Soundtrack.
Hi There Finesse – Butterfly Result.
Wreckage – Superhuman.
Hello Finesse – Vantage.
Pepsi Man Soundtrack.

Wonder vs. DC – The Ultimate Crossover:.

Wonder: Civil Battle|Whose Side Are You On?:.

Batman v. Superman – Dawn Of Justice Opening Titles:.

Hunk vs. Authorities:.

Black Spider-Man Animation Video:.

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80 thoughts on “Marvel vs. DC – The Ultimate Crossover (Complete Story) | Animation Film”

    1. @Eleazar Contreras dude i was thirteen when i made that comment why are you replying to a comment made 3 years ago

  1. Venom: *dies*
    Avengers: *don’t care*
    Spider-man: *dies*
    Avengers: You made the biggest mistake of your life!

    1. ThePerimeter remember that one time carnage literallt killed him by absorbing him or that time spiderman killed venom with a bunch of metal rods oh and who could forget the time a white version of him literally incinerated venom to dust killing him.

    2. Shortly, DC writers love making their characters overpowered af. Just look at Superman lmao that man almost has every super power

    1. Superman, darkseid, shazam, dr Manhattan, all the lanterns ( j mean all of them, white, black, red, green, purple, pink, and blue) , dr fate, wonder woman, doomsday etc… but dc doesnt need all of them darkseid is enough

    1. 😂but he died next to wolverine and captain America so he would be saying “logan I dont feel so good”

    2. @Blu Calavaza I think he would say “Mr. WolfMan I don’t feel so good” (the fact that both of them come from different universes just makes it simple)

    1. The animation wasnt good. The walk cycles were too weird, he should have payed more attention to the rigs of the characters but still great job. Now one more aspect is the info of the characters. The dc characters are shown to be too underpowered. WHICH AINT TRUE AT ALL, he should’ve done more research to find out that dc is more powerful than marvel

    1. @TheTitanslayer 247 omg u said superman best feat is destroying the moon bro U do not know What ur Talking about

    2. @typical day Even if that isn’t his best feat well you’re not wrong about that moon feat I think that his best is destroying an anti monitor but even then Thor killed Gorr who had All Black Th Necro-sword Gorr by himself is about as strong as a human that sword has slayed thousands of pantheons and immortality is useless against a weapon like that and young Thor, normal Thor and old Thor each have taken him down

    1. Jesus why are dc fans so toxic honestly they think every single dc character can beat every marvel character

    2. @The boss games we don’t think, we know kid, is facts, wouldn’t been brought up if this video was actually accurate, not to mention everyone from dc really is superior to almost everyone in marvel, such as flash and quicksilver, doomsday and hulk, Batman and cap, shazam and thor, wonder woman and captain marvel, cyborg and iron man, and superman is just there for quick finishers, without kryptonite he’s basically indestructible not to mention gets even more op from the sun making him even more indestructible, so if one of the league’s members fail supes will just clean up the mess

    3. @Dee2D yeah I’m not even gonna start with you cause I know it would go on for months so you believe what you believe and I believe what I believe okay?

    4. @Dee2D Dude stop comparing movies and comic level powers. They never showed Darksied in movies. You know very well that everyone gets nerfed in movies except for superman 😑
      Who wins against whom is completely upon the writers. Let’s just enjoy this excellent piece of animation and chill

  2. Marvel: ‘Infinity War Is The Most Ambitious Crossover Event in History.’

    Mightyraccoon: *hold my beer*

  3. Marvel: Let’s see who wins . . . . WITH A ROAST BATTLE. You can go first

    DC: (Incoherent dark screaming)

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