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SWAMP POINT follows Abby Arcane as she examines what appears to be a lethal swamp-born virus in a town in Louisiana but quickly uncovers that the swamp holds mystical as well as distressing keys. When indescribable and chilling scaries arise from the dirty marsh, no person is risk-free.

Based upon the DC characters originally composed and also attracted by Len Wein and also Bernie Wrightson. A new original collection #DCUSWAMPTHING premieres Might 31. New episodes weekly, just on #DCUniverse. Sign up with currently:

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85 thoughts on “Swamp Thing | Full Trailer | DC Universe | The Ultimate Membership”

    1. @Dbando they just got the rights to let people stream it for free on their app and tv since swamp thing is a dc universe original and its already complete with just 1 season , same thing with constantine that eas at nbc and cw got the license to even use him for their arrowverse but thats a different story and has nothing to do with swamp thing

  1. DC: Swamp Thing full trailer
    Looper: 1,000,000,000 things you missed in Swamp Thing Trailer.

    1. Christopher Allen He’s also basically unstoppable since the entire planet has to be destroyed for him to die.

    1. @Pedro Perez playing that card everytime just makes you sound like an idiot have good argument or shut it

    2. From what I understand, the reason the show was canceled was because it was too expensive, with the set alone costing almost a million dollars. I mean I could be wrong but that’s what I heard.

  2. *Shrek:* “GET OUT OF MY SWAMP!”

    *DC:* “Ok”

    *Shrek:* “Wait what? I was just joking guys.”

    1. @Baracus Obamus I’m no fan of overbearing feminism shoved in the audience’s face, but having a female lead is not Feminist. And I honestly feel the show doesnt have feminist qualities.

    1. Dc has this problem with money.. they dont like to spend it… even if they are trying to make more.. modern representation of scrooge around the holidays.

    1. @Baracus Obamus

      I’m also an Anti-SJW, but I saw literally nothing relating to any identity politics in the show whatsoever.

    2. ​@Patrick B He’s probably saying that because the main character is a woman. I had a guy at work who wouldn’t watch Fringe because of “that woman” and he chalked up any shows that had women as main characters as SJW propaganda.

    3. @SsjC Those types of people are just as terrible as the annoying SJWs, they’re the exact same person just spouting different words, they are the worst.

    1. @Naveen Sha main character woman, police chief woman with a black son, best friend lesbian. Bad guys white heterosexual, but most serials follow the same pattern, as most serials are leftish

  3. Imagine the guy who had to spend hours getting dressed up as swamp thing to find out it’s been canceled 😂

    1. show might come back since CW is interredted in owning the license but not be directly invoved in order to dump it down for their shared universe shows , wich means money is there but same producers working on it

  4. Why on earth have you cancelled this but left Batwoman on the list??? What is wrong with you people?

    1. I freaking love batwoman. I know some people don’t and that’s fine but I’m convinced most of the gate is just bandwagon riders.

    2. One possible reason why this was cancelled was because of the budget and the studio had some issues with the state of North Carolina, the state where they filmed the show. I can’t say if this is 100% accurate, but I did read this on a page on Google.

    3. @jay charleston Because bringing current issues into a superhero show makes some people uncomfortable. Sometimes they do lean into it a bit much, but some folks will never be satisfied. Always something to complain about.

      “BaTWomAn Is PRopAGanDAAAAA”

  5. Just discovered this show on Amazon prime. Came here to see the trailer and found out the show has been cancelled. Thank you comment section. Now should i even bother to watch the first episode?

    1. I enjoyed the series too bad there isn’t more and Jennifer Beil still a total knockout at 60+

  6. *Swamp Thing gets released
    DC exec: “they love it? cancel it”

    *Batwoman gets released
    DC exec: “they hate it? renew it”

  7. Could you imagine how the actors feel. You put your everything into a character and then it gets cancelled in the first week…

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