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    1. @Logan umm I guess you haven’t watched the movies, if you don’t know what his human problem is.

    2. Of they can’t read Long Halloween , Dark Victory , TDKR , Hush, All Stars superman , WW by Azzarello , well they are stupid

    1. Not only do Lego MOVIES understand Batman better than Zack Snyder… but Lego GAMES as well… that’s how bad his version of Batman is.

    2. The Lego Batman Movie acknowledges that there were golden, silver, bronze, dark, iron, and possibly post-modern incarnations of Batman, each of whom had a unique defining traits. Making a Batman movie, no matter how serious and gritty, requires the acknowledgement that, at one point, Batman turned into a baby, wore a hot pink suit, became zebra, watched himself on TV, was an actor on TV, drop-kicked a shark, slapped Robin, imprisoned a small army of Elvis impersonators, watched aliens copulate with Superman, was cloned by a Hitler clone, made Robin eat rats, shared a joke with the Joker, star in a musical, auctioned off his possessions, started laughing way too hard, teamed up with himself to beat himself, joined a Lantern Corp, painted his entire house yellow, and had costumed sex amidst a pile of burning corpses. At some point, you have to remember that a few hundred different versions of Batman exist, ranging from silly idiot to wide-eyed idealist to violent sociopath.

  1. When people said “DC shows are better” i always assume they’re talking about the animated shows

  2. I don’t care who’s better.. I’m sticking with the one I grew up with and have more nostalgic feel.. I’m talking about DC

    1. @elon musket the first couple of seasons of arrow and flash were good but they dropped the ball quickly.

    2. Are the CW DC shows even good anymore? The first 2 seasons of Flash was great, 3rd one sucked. I watched the first half of season 4 and after that I stopped. I heard season 6 is good but I don’t have any desire to watch the rest of it. Arrow was good seasons 1 2 and 5, After 5 I lost interest. Supergirl sucks, stopped watching it after the 3rd season. Legends of Tomorrow was ok, stopped after season 2, and it looks like the show runners are running out of ideas for that show. Haven’t seen any of the new stuff like Black Lightning or Batwoman. I wish we would’ve gotten more seasons of the Marvel Netflix shows rather than the CW DC shows.

    1. Hahahahahahahahahahaga i was getting choked up about the heart he has for the girl………… DIE MUTHA SUCKER DIE MUTHA SUCKER STEAL FOOL hahahahahahahah

  3. DC needs to introduce lesser-known heroes and bring them to the big screen & and for those bigger ones needs to take a seat back and let them shine.

    1. and that’s why Doom Patrol is the best piece of superhero media that exists right next to Logan, Spider-Man 2, ITSV, and Daredevil. trust me on this. it’s fucking amazing.

  4. One of DC movie’s failure is that they don’t know how to develop a character in almost every movie

    1. @Ethan Xed Manalo I don’t think the problem is that they’re Op, just that they have bad write in almost everything.

  5. I don’t even understand why Aquaman supposed to be lame, he’s in control of the entire Freakin Ocean, That’s an incredible power to have.

    1. Clothes maketh the man. And good writing. He had a gold ltunic and a green leotard. And he was largely useless in the presentations most kids saw him in (TV cartoons). Thus, the problem.

      Momoa was a good choice. They still cater to the classic colour scheme at times (argh) but he’s at least someone who brings a wild, naturalistic look to the character and his foibles and dislike of most of humanity (even with good reason) are at least interesting…

    2. @Nerrion ohh man you are a savage😆😆😆 😒but seriously did you think marvel’s thor is a copy paste of the Norse god.
      Do some research before you🤮 up.

  6. You forgot the biggest part of Batman that they always leave out of the movies is the fact that he is the greatest detective that ever lived they never cover that. Biggest part of Superman that’s left out is the care when it comes to the newspaper how the issues effect everyone.

    1. I heard the Robert Pattinson batman movie would focus more on the detective side of Batman so I hope they could pull it off

  7. Reading T’he Dark Knight’ as your first Batman comic is like reading ‘The Cursed Child’ as your first Harry Potter book

    1. @place holder He is, but thats still really cool if portrayed correctly, you can make a good story about anything if it’s done correctly.

  8. I remember when Dark Knight came out, a friend of my sister’s hated it, because they made Gordon and Harvey too serious. Her idea of these characters was based solely on the Schumacher movies.

    1. No. As a stateless foundling located on American soil, and as the adopted son of two American citizens, he is entitled to apply citizenship. Additionally, had his origin as the last survivor of an exploded planet was known, he would have qualified for refugee status.

  9. Remember when they made Justice League: The New Frontier, which was an infinitely better movie on all levels; including superhero action, because they’re not bound by the limits of super-obvious and obnoxious CGI villains?

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